Finding God in the Mess, Beauty of Life

God is the author and animator of all that exists. He does not simply intervene at extraordinary times; His presence radiates through everything for all to see. Do we see him in tragedy? In our struggle for justice? When the world is a mess? In the beauty of a game?

Why aren’t there miracles anymore?

The God of the Bible performed tons of miracles. It’s how people came to know Him. So where are they now?

Viva la Revolution?

V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s exciting, well-written, thoughtful, and even a bit inspiring. It also has a character that is hard to like at times. Fr. Tito and I discuss the limits of violence but need for revolution.

New Book, April Release!

The Way of Beatitude: Living Radical Hope in a World of Division and Despair

The world gives us two options in conflict: double down in our anger, furthering division, or hide away in our defeat, isolating ourselves in despair. But what if we looked at the things we see wrong in the world with empathy, dug below the surface of people’s disappointing actions to experience their pain, and understood hurtful words as a cry for consolation? What if we responded with sorrow instead of outrage, and love instead of hate? The Beatitudes offer us a third way.

This book will be released April 8. You can preorder now… but I will be announcing a major free book giveaway in three weeks!

Is it time for baseball yet?

The Major League season might be a bit delayed, but high school is in full swing. Is there anything more picturesque than a baseball field at night?

That’s all for now! Upon Friar Review is set to return March 4. Thank you for your patience, and continue to keep Fr. Patrick and his family in your prayers.

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

2 Comments on “Finding God in the Mess, Beauty of Life

  1. Sorry, no baseball. Waiting for college football: “GO Gamecocks!”

  2. No miracles? I just experienced one! Probably not as spectacular but: I was down and dispirited. A phone call from a friend out of town, “Can I spend the night with you?” This means breakfast of course and how is it that I have the very food she likes in the fridge? Not to mention her bubbly personality that would awake the dead!

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