It’s About Encounter

So often, we simply don’t understand each other. People struggle to see eye to eye, to grasp the experience of someone different from ourselves. In each of the messages I share this week there’s a reminder to leave ourselves behind so that we can walk in another’s shoes, hearing what they actually have to say.

Why is Francis so Confusing? It’s not (all) his fault

Pope Francis gets blamed for a lot. How much of it is valid? In this week’s video, I offer four reasons why people don’t understand what he has to say.

“Only Facts” isn’t the Whole Truth

In our world today, many are concerned with getting “just the facts.” And that’s understandable. But there is more to truth than what is provable and there is more to storytelling than information. Big Fish reminds us that storytelling is an art that communicates as much about the storyteller as it does the story.

Macon Sleepout

This Thursday, 140 members of the Macon community participated in the annual “Daybreak Sleepout,” an event meant to raise awareness of the struggles of being homeless and to raise money for the day center.

Upon Friar Review Almost Back!

Father Patrick is back in town and we’re ready to roll! Yesterday, we filmed two episodes and will film another two this week, getting ahead of any unforeseen issues around the corner! Be sure to check in Friday for a great episode!

Big Announcement Next Week!

There’s a reason why you sign up for this newsletter and it’s not just for all my content in one place. You get news before everyone else. On Wednesday, March 9, I’ll be releasing a video with a special announcement, but the details will be open to you on Saturday, four days earlier!

Until then, peace and good,

Fr. Casey

4 Comments on “It’s About Encounter

  1. Father Casey, I gotta hand it to you for, once more, diving headlong into a messy situation in an attempt to straighten it out instead of soft-pedaling it or ignoring it. I imagine you’re going to get a lot of backlash because of what you say in this video, but such seems to be the lot of prophets and, indeed, our Lord Himself. Your acts of courage to speak the truth in love inspire me to do likewise. I’m glad to have you as my brother in Christ. Rock on!

  2. The Catholic Church doesn’t encounter. She proclaims, teaches, condemns errors.

    Muslims, Jews, Protestants, commies teach damnable errors and can give Catholic Church nothing good

    • Yes the Church, with Christ as it’s head indeed proclaims, teaches and condemns error. Jesus Christ has encounters, listens, heals and discerns too. Through and with him we will gather all people to himself.

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