Extremely Underrated Film

Peace and all good everyone! A lot of great things coming from Breaking in the Habit this week! Hope everyone is doing well.

My Favorite Movie?

In general, I like cerebral, aesthetically beautiful and original movies. Think Christopher Nolan. And yet, the movie that I have seen more than any other movie (30+ times?) and will never grow tired of is A League of Their Own. It was a movie we watched a lot in my family when I was a kid, and my appreciation for it has only grown over the years. This is not just a sports movie. It’s more than a World War II period piece. I think it’s an important film.

Rules for Life

I say, if you want to be a better Christian, read the beatitudes (more on that next month). If you want to be a better human, follow these eight rules.

Four things to improve every relationship

If you ask me, the easiest approach to prayer is to treat God like any relationship you have. What works with your family and friends? What doesn’t work? If you want to improve your relationship with God and others, I suggest four things to do every day.


Improve your prayer life and all relationships and four easy steps. #catholic #prayer #priest

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Upon Friar Review on hold

Unfortunately, there is no new episode of Upon Friar Review at the moment, as it has been put on hold indefinitely. Fr. Patrick went home last week for a family emergency, and while he was originally planning on returning Monday, that is in question at the moment. Obviously, creating YouTube videos comes second to caring for loved ones, so we will just have to wait until he returns. Please pray for his family.

Updated Summer Calendar

Although the Major League Baseball owners continue to be greedy and refuse to fairly negotiate with the players, Fr. Tito and I are still planning on visiting each stadium for a game this summer. We’ve had to make a few minor changes from our original schedule, so I’ve provided an updated list of games below. If you plan on attending a game, I would wait a little while longer to buy tickets, as there could still be a few changes in the next month. Only 96 days until we leave!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

4 Comments on “Extremely Underrated Film

  1. Hope the situation improves for Fr Patrick and his family. He’ll be in our prayers.

  2. Good review. Gave good comments on the many relevant “Christian” topics/values presented in ordinary life situations in our culture. How we individually think about and react to those situations define our virtues our character, and create the world our “neighbor, children, spouses” (who we are to love) live in. Thank You, Fathers Casey & Toto.

  3. I love the last one the best, about keeping silent. It’s the most important, and the most challenging. Thank you!

  4. Father Casey, thank you for being a willing instrument of God. Your talents are what we need this day and age.
    Since you caught the attention of this 96 year old grandmother I’d say your talents are tremendous! Thank you for
    teaching! My favorite is Acts: 8:31 “How can I, (understand) unless someone instructs me?” You do! and I hope
    the Holy Spirit leaves you with us for a long time! Paula

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