A Stereotypical Week

At long last, Breaking In The Habit is in full swing with a pile of content this week. As you’ll see, I’ve tried some new things this week but I think they’ve turned out well!

Confessions Stereotypes

As a confessor, I get to see people at their most vulnerable, revealing their sins and bearing their hearts to God. It can be an extremely gratifying moment for a priest. That said, there are some issues that arise in the confessional that make it a less-than-ideal situation. Here’s my attempt to fix that.

Stereotypical Dudes

What is more “guy” like than trick shots, competitions, and making fun of each other. That’s what you get with the hit YouTube channel Dude Perfect. This week, Fr. Patrick and I watch some of their best moments… and try it out for ourselves.

Not Your Stereotypical Kung Fu Movie

When I think of classic martial arts movies, I think of Bruce Lee: serious, traditional, precise. The master is never phased. Admittedly, I’m not an expert on martial arts movies so this might not always be the case, but I can tell you that Police Story with Jackie Chan certainly breaks that mold. With Chan, you get a lot more slapstick comedy, casual situations, and self-deprecating humor. Enjoyable watch.


From the Vault

One of the problems with constantly producing content for the internet is that things inevitably fade away. Some things absolutely need to fade away, but others get put on the shelf and get forgotten way to fast. This video, from November 2020, shares a message that is very important to me.

That’s it for this week! Peace and good to you all!

Fr. Casey

2 Comments on “A Stereotypical Week

  1. Thanks, Father Casey. While I’m not Catholic, the video about confessions I found to be VERY helpful to me to guide awkward conversations toward positive directions. Also, “Why Some Religious Communities are Dying” encouraged me deeply to be who I am in my community, and cultivating my quirky and rather eccentric gifts for the benefit of the body of Christ and encouraging others in my community to do likewise. (Kinda like “The Island of Misfit Toys” in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, eh?) 🙂

  2. Hey Father Casey

    You are doing fantastic work at spreading and illuminating the word of the Lord with Breaking in the Habit. Your YouTube channel is outstanding. I haven’t got TikTok but really liked your intro to TikTok on your channel, really made me laugh. I think that your message about Martin Luther King was so so perceptive. Listen, have you ever thought of doing a collaboration with Gregory Pine (Godsplaining and Pints with Aquinas). The topic I think is less important than the positivity and insight the two of you would shed on any topic. I know you are Franciscan and he is Dominican – so it may be a bit “Romeo and Juliet”/forbidden liasons, but I like how the bible says “iron sharpens iron” – that would be the two of you and us.

    Pray about it and see what you think. Only do if it is something you are confortable with…


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