Week Behind, Catching Up

Hi All! Last weekend I was out of town giving a retreat at a seminary… and just never got the chance to post a newsletter. I figured it was better just to wait a week to catch up, so here we are. A lot of great stuff to watch this Thanksgiving week!

Psycho is Brilliant

If you’re like me and had never seen the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho, you’ve got some homework to do. It’s brilliant. In this week’s Everyday Liminality, Fr. Tito and I marvel at how masterfully Hitchcock builds suspense, noting that it created its own genre in 1960.

Back to the Plot Holes!

I love the Back to the Future franchise. I also think that they’re garbage movies if you think about them too hard. Keep it light and enjoy the summer blockbuster.

Overcoming Doubts

Some priests knew that they wanted to be priests when they were little. I was not one of them. I ran from the idea even into my first year as a friar. Learn what kept me away and what ultimately changed my mind.

Wonder Woman?

Yup. Fr. Patrick and I reviewed Wonder Woman. Well, not the whole movie, just a scene, but pretty great nonetheless. Who knew there was such religious imagery in a comic book movie?

A Trip Down Memory Lane… For Some of Us

There are few things that will get me excited more than reliving my childhood memories of Nickelodeon. In the 90s and early 2000s it was king among kids. Unfortunately, Fr. Patrick grew up in the 60s and 70s, so it was kind of lost on him.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those in the United States, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

5 Comments on “Week Behind, Catching Up

  1. Thank you for all of your fantastic service, Brother Father Casey!

  2. Father Casey, just a big thank you for your wonderful ministry! The world needs more beautiful souls like you to spread the gospel. God bless you and may the Holy Spirit continue to guide you.

  3. I’ve gleaned from your channel that you spent some time at the Catholic student center at Univ of Georgia. I went there for part of my undergraduate education. While a student, I worked in a nearby shop that sold beer and wine. The friars at the Catholic center were some of my best customers! Are you at Mercer University now? I know it’s a good school. I hope they have an active Catholic student outreach. It’s so easy to veer from your Christian faith when you’re in college. It certainly was for me (and still is quite often – it’s an ongoing struggle). Thanks for your videos — they help me think about my own Christian faith on a more regular basis. May God bless you and your service to Him and the community.

  4. Great insight in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. I had the great fortune of seeing Psycho in 35mm presented in a large screen theater here in Chicago. -The way it was intended to be seen. Viewing Psycho as it was intended in 35mm rather than on a DVD on television is quite a different experience. It was absolutely horrifying. I had seen Psycho several times on DVD and in a film class to analyze certain scenes. Yet I was not at all prepared to see it the way the director intended it. I nearly walked out of the the theater as I found it to be not only horrifying but exploitative. It is a marvelous work of art. I highly recommend seeing it in 35mm because it will forever change the way you view the film as well as truly see the mastery of Alfred Hitchcock. As for me, I will never see it again. I have cited it off as a deeply disturbing film that I have fully experienced and no longer wish to view again.

  5. When I get the email I get an advertisement to support your channel. Are you able to exclude some types of advertisement? I received a “Get rich quick” advertisement and I am concerned I might see worse.

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