Thanks to you!

Happy Thanksgiving to the American followers out there! I hope you had a great holiday and are ready for Advent to start!

Big Milestone

Last week, Upon Friar Review hit 100K subscribers. That’s so incredible, and we can’t thank you enough. It’s been a fun year throwing this together and we wanted to show our appreciation to those who made it happen. In this week’s video, we answer 11 questions from viewers.

Would you want to know?

In the 1999 sci-fi thriller The Matrix, a question is posed to the viewer: if the world was not as it appeared, would you want to know? I suspect that most people would answer yes, that living a lie is unfulfilling, but Fr. Tito and I don’t think this is actually the case. Our world tells us repeatedly that it prefers the Matrix.

Fun bit of photoshop

Take a look at this picture below. Just an ordinary picture of me with my parents on their recent visit, right? Nothing peculiar or out of sorts?

To most, it looks like any other picture. The problem? We had no one to take our picture and no tripod to hold the camera. And so, we did what anyone with photoshop would do… We took two individual photos and stitched them together!

A Break on the Horizon

As regular followers will know, I take a break from making content around Christmas time and in the middle of the summer. At this point, I’ll admit, I’m pretty burnt out. I have a few more videos I’d like to make this year, but don’t be surprised if things abruptly stop in a few weeks! Don’t worry, I’ll be back by the end of January.

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey, OFM

7 Comments on “Thanks to you!

  1. Good for you. Refresh, rewind and rework! I look forward to your new vids.

  2. Thank you Father Casey. Wishing you a wonderful Advent and a joyful Christmas Season

  3. It is both a pleasure and a blessing to follow you, Fr. Casey. Thank you and Fr. Patrick for all you do.

  4. Great work, Father!
    Always a pleasure reading your posts and watching your videos.
    My favorite has to be your Catholic jokes!
    Still laughing 😃

  5. Instead of just one photo, you end up with three photos, but ultimately one. That’s one of your central beliefs – the trinity.

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