Tough Questions, But Some “Hope”

Sometimes, being a people of faith, a part of a religion, is not an easy prospect. We face a lot of difficulties… but sometimes those difficulties come from within. How do we respond?

The Sex Abuse Crisis Is Far From Over

Usually, Upon Friar Review is a light, fun show to watch. We laugh, we make fun of each other, it’s a great time. Not this week. Fr. Patrick and I take a look at the award-winning movie Spotlight to discuss the ongoing issues of clergy sex abuse in the Church. Viewer discretion is advised.

Denied Communion? Let’s Reframe the Discussion

Looking for something a little lighter than the sex abuse crisis? How about the question of denying communion to politicians like Joe Biden. Yeah… I said it was going to be a rough week. While many on the internet have had a lot to say about this topic, I think there is an approach that isn’t always mentioned.

Looking for some Old Hope?

In the midst of so much chaos and powerlessness, it’s great sometimes to visit a classic movie in which the good guys win. In this week’s episode of Everyday Liminality, Fr. Tito and I look back on the iconic start to the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars (retroactively titled Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope). Things don’t always come easy for our heroes, but they stick together and overcome obstacles.

The Saints we Forget

We love Sts. Francis and Dominic. We pray to Mary and Therese. There are big name saints that get a lot of attention. But what about the literally thousands of other saints alive in heaven today? The reason we celebrate All Saints Day each year is to remind us that, even if our names aren’t remembered, we can have a lasting impact on this world and share in God’s glory in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Looking for a few more bookings!

The response to our MLB tour has been incredible! In just under two weeks, we’ve almost booked every stop with parish visits and events. That’s incredible. We still have some openings, though, so let us know!

5/23-24 Tampa/St. Petersburg

6/8 Baltimore

6/13-14 Boston

6/16 New York

7/2 Chicago

7/12-13 Dallas

7/14-15 Houston

7/18 San Diego

7/20, 7/21 Los Angeles

7/26-28 San Francisco

Can’t wait to see everyone next summer! Until then, peace and good!

Fr. Casey

4 Comments on “Tough Questions, But Some “Hope”

  1. Re: Should President Biden be denied communion
    Good for you for leaving the issue alone until you had the right things to add to the conversation. Such patience and self-control are pretty rare these days – It looks to me like you’re bearing fruit of the Spirit! 🙂 (Galatians 5:22-23).
    Thank you.

    • It is cowardly actually because according to Casey’s religion he should have been denied communion. Jesus also preached integrity and faithfulness. The Vatican has it done for time immemorial sold out, it is willing to bend the rules.

  2. Well done presentation. However, although it’s true that pedophilia is through-out society, it’s not true that schools and other Christian denominations have as big a problem as the Catholic church. The truth you don’t want to own up to is that the Catholic priesthood besides attracting men who are amazing and want to follow God, at the same time it attracts men who are running from sexual problems and men who are perverts. Possibly the Catholic Church’s pedophilia problem is on par with or even less than the Boy Scouts, which is another magnet for pedophiles. But to say schools, churches, and society in general – No – the Catholic Church is much worse. I find it horrifying when a Catholic parrots what they’ve heard from the pulpit about how sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is no worse than elsewhere – I understand that Catholics would like to believe that – but it’s not true. There IS a bigger problem with Catholic priests (a systemic problem particularly with priests and to a lesser extent nuns) and you are living in the land of make-believe to say otherwise.

  3. Regarding the MLB, you have to commend Casey on his cleverness, he is very good at using his position/the catholic church to enable his personal wants and dreams. On the other hand it is shameful because his job/position is suppose to be an important and serious one, not one for his own personal dreams and ambitions. You should have chosen a different profession rather than exploit god and religion.

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