Some Heavy Stuff This Week

What Happens When A Priest Loses His Faith?

The television show House is about curmudgeonly who is incredible at solving rare cases of diseases… and also hates everyone. Including God. In the episode that Fr. Patrick and I reviewed, he’s met his match. Not only is his patient a priest who claims to have had a vision of Jesus, this priest has lost his faith. Oh, and he’s been accused to sexual misconduct with a minor. This is not a funny episode… but it is quite powerful.

The Best “Sports” Movie of All Time

Field of Dreams is a classic. Which is why it made it onto our podcast this semester, a list of all-time classics. But is it a “sports” movie? Fr. Tito will split hairs and Fr. Casey will present a wild fan theory about the movie.

What Gives the Catholic Church the Right??

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of Christian denominations in the world. And yet, the Catholic Church claims to be the “One, True Church.” Where does that sense of authority come from? Let me tell you, it’s the most fascinating thing I’ve ever produced on this channel. Seriously. You don’t want to miss this video.

Helpful Resources About the COVID Vaccines

While COVID vaccines have been around for almost a year now, there still seems to be confusion about its moral usage. I still see it online all the time, people claiming it is it immoral because of its connection to abortion. I made a video last December about the Catholic Church’s take on moral cooperation with evil, but I’ve found these article helpful as well.

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Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

5 Comments on “Some Heavy Stuff This Week

  1. A way to stop mosquitoes is not “genius” – it mighy be ingenious

    • People often confuse the two words as meaning the same. Casey could have simply read a dictionary.. but in any case it is very common for people to use words incorrectly not knowing the actual meaning.

  2. Casey do you live in reality or do you believe that reality is what you see on television/youtube/movies? You start off about a serious topic(when a priests loses his “faith”) and then you say.. oh yeah like that TV character in that TV show…

    In addition to being a hypocrite you have no real grasp of reality or life. Clearly you are just a comfortable boy who has never faced much adversity in life and has spent excessive amounts of time watching television confusing what is real for what is depicted on a screen.

    Also jesus never founded a church, a basic reading of the gospels would inform you of this. What happened is that after the death of Christ a church was formed(many actually until the now catholic church crushed it’s opposition in the early ADs) using his words to claim that this justified the creation of the church/religion although Jesus did no such thing in his lifetime. There is no “true” church because Jesus never founded one. This is partly what makes your religion shameful because it is exploitative.

    • Matthew 16:18 ….upon this rock I will build my church. What does your translation say?

  3. Also your “priest” is Liam McPoyle from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia… One of the most irreverent and offensive shows on television…
    Liam has incestuous homosexual sex with his brother and his sister.. walks around in underwear, he is violent and engaged in kidnapping in one episode..

    It’s actually telling you chose this depiction. I hope children don’t read your blogs.. very bad role model you chose.

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