Greatest Movie Ever?

The Jesuits used to be tough guys

At least, that’s what Fr. Patrick says to open this video. Reviewing The Mission, the two of us respond to the heroism of the missionaries who, with almost nothing on their back, traveled around the world to spread the Gospel. It’s an inspiring, haunting film that will change you. I go back to this movie often, and listen to the music on a regular basis.

The Dark Knight deserves the hype

The Dark Knight is heralded by many as one of the greatest super hero movies of all time. I’ll go a step further: I believe the Joker in this movie IS the greatest super hero villain of all time. Fr. Tito agrees. This movie has layers: ethical questions, dark issues, easily accessible action scenes, and a whole lot of entirely unbelievable scenarios. We get to them all in this week’s podcast.

Dunk the “Monk”

Yesterday, I volunteered for the “dunk tank” at an event for the elementary school students. It was a pretty fun time, even for the one being dunked!

I did, however, get to join in on the throwing fun. When one of the high school theology teachers took his turn, I was the first to jump up… and totally dunked him. Right before hitting the water, you’ll notice him saying “I’m praying to St. Thomas Aquinas.” This is an ongoing joke we have, a rivalry between the Dominicans and Franciscans. I guess Scotus won this one!

No Reflection, but…

Sorry for nothing posted to Breaking In The Habit’s YouTube channel this week, but there will be a double feature next week, including a special announcement on Monday! Be sure to check back for both videos!

Hope you all have a great week! Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

2 Comments on “Greatest Movie Ever?

  1. Excellent review and many good observations from two movie critics that know a good deal about the Church.

  2. My absolute favorite movie. I was just discussing it with some friends. Themes of conversions and forgiveness paramount for me. Plus the music is literally divine.

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