Double Feature!

The Chosen is great, but not perfect

Sometimes, you’ve just got a lot to say. That was the case this week when I decided to share a problem I had with the hit TV show The Chosen. The more I wrote, the more I realized it was going to take more than one video to fit it in, and so the only logical thing to do was split it up! Enjoy your two part reflection.

The Godfather is cinema gold. Just don’t make me watch it.

You heard me right. I don’t enjoy watching The Godfather. I think it’s an incredible film! It deserves every award it’s received! There’s a lot I like about it and want to study. But I don’t go to the movies for technical details and study. But don’t worry, in this week’s podcast, Fr. Tito yells at me like you want to right now.

TikTok can be wholesome

If you know anything about TikTok, you know that it can be a dumpster fire sometimes. There is a lot on that platform that no on should be watching! That being said, there are some great creators out there making wholesome content worth watching. In this week’s Upon Friar Review, Fr. Patrick and I look at @Ariel.fitz, a Christian who makes light of many of life’s difficulties.

From the vault

Periodically, I’d like to dig back into the early days of making video and remember something from the past. As we remember the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks this weekend, I offer this short reflection from 2016.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Fr. Casey, OFM

3 Comments on “Double Feature!

  1. Father, your video is compelling, yet the overly-dramatic music occasionally drowns out your message. I encourage you to repair it so the message can be understood and hopefully absorbed.

    • lol he makes me want to be a father. Sit back and watch movies all day

  2. Hello Casey,

    I just wanted to write it here first although you probably won’t believe me in any case. There is going to be a huge scandal emerging soon that will break the catholic church(and Christianity in whole) in to pieces. The church won’t be able to truly exist after.

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