What does it mean to be Catholic?

Read the Catechism and you will certainly learn what Catholics believe. Study Canon Law and you will undoubtedly learn what Catholics do. But in neither of these texts will a far more important question become self-evident: why do Catholics believe this or that?

Behind every statement of faith is the possibility of interpreting Scripture and Tradition in a slightly different way. Few things are undeniably self-evident, but are rather influenced by theological foundation that guides us. We have, simply put, a Catholic worldview that informs what we believe, how we pray, and why we remain Catholic.

In order to understand what it means to be Catholic, as opposed to Protestant, we have to understand that essential spirit that guides everything we do. In this video, I offer three core principles and four additional themes that define us as Catholic.

One Comment on “What does it mean to be Catholic?

  1. Dear Father, I’m an 18yr old convert from Glasgow in Scotland. I want to thank you these first 3yrs of being a Catholic I’ve loved immersing myself as much as I can and your YouTube channel has really helped, especially since my God-parents are Franciscan. Your videos are nice and calm. No loud music or acting just simple. And because of this they are a huge help and a delight to watch. Thank you, your Easter Sunday thing was excellent. You‘re doing a great job of spreading joy through simplicity and easy to follow videos, I’m grateful as it allows Gods message to be given without distraction but it is still appealing for all.

    Many thanks,

    Kirsty Crawford

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