Eight Hilarious Religious Jokes

What would religious be if we didn’t have a sense of humor? Our life is a bit absurd, and it’s great to have a laugh at ourselves from time to time. While still getting in the swing of things here at UGA and setting up my new studio, I decided to offer a quick video of some of my favorite religious jokes, a touch of levity in an often serious world. I hope you enjoy!

(The photo used for the thumbnail is of Brs. Fred Dilger, OFM (left) and Xavier de la Huerta, OFM, and is 100% candid. Credit Br. Octavio Duran, OFM for capturing such a great moment.)

2 Comments on “Eight Hilarious Religious Jokes

  1. No Carmelites? Well, I guess we are above, or rather below all that.

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