What is a Miracle?

All throughout Scripture, we find extraordinary events revealing the wonder and power of God. The Red Sea is parted; the loaves are multiplied; people are healed; battles are won; a people are set free. For many of us, believing in miracles is somewhat commonplace… Miracles are a pretty foundational part of our faith.

And yet, while we all may have a sense of what it means and what it’s purpose is, trying to actually define a miracle, with sound theological and philosophical logic, serves a bit more difficult a task.

That is the topic of this week’s “Catholicism in Focus.” Looking to three common definitions, what we see is that each has some theological foundation and popular appeal, while at the same time presents some unanswered questions and leaves us searching for more. That, I think, is the definition of a mystery. The more we learn, the closer we get to God, and the more we realize that what we know is not the whole answer. We dive into this question not with the hope of containing all of God’s mystery, to answer the question and move on, but to be a part of the process of entering into God’s very self.

Maybe you have your own definition beyond these three. Feel free to share it in the comments or continue the conversation by posting this in social media with your own theology!

One Comment on “What is a Miracle?

  1. When I was 9 years old, I was blinded by a tumour on my brain. Obviously, my parents didn’t tell me the gravity of the situation. I was in hospital in the UK for what I was told were ‘tests’ and I just thought that the headaches would go and I would get some spectacles to help me see.
    On the Sunday before the tests, I was asked if I wanted to go to the Anglican service. Having been brought up in the Anglican Church, I did. I just knelt there, a little boy, asking God to make me better. The Surgeon had told my parents there was a high likelihood that I would die.
    Well, Friar Casey, they were wrong. I believe that God did work through them to cure me.
    So here I am, some 40 years on, a Catholic and always mindful of that little miracle that happened all those years ago.

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