Exclusive Interview!

Interviews can be a fun way to promote a new project and to let people get to know you better. Without a script, talking in a casual and unpredictable way, the viewer gets new insight into the person they follow and the work they’ve done. When choosing an interviewer, everyone looks for someone with whom they will share a good rapport, who will ask the questions they want to answer, and who, obviously, believes in their work.

I knew just the guy.

No, not Stephen Colbert. He hasn’t returned my calls.

No, the guy I got just gets me. He has been with me since the start, has read all of my work, and is fully committed to the ministry of Breaking In The Habit. He’s the sort of guy that wants to promote my work, but not be too easy on me either.

Anyway, you are definitely going to want to see my interview with this mystery guy! Click the image above to watch the video, and be sure to tell me how you think he did!

One Comment on “Exclusive Interview!

  1. Excellent work! That was fun to watch.

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