Reading the Gospels

In many seminary classes and Bible studies, there is a standard way of reading the Gospels: pick a passage, compare it with similar stories in the other Gospels, and come to a conclusion about what it means. Like… Read More

Should We Read The Bible Literally?

There is often a question in reading the Bible about the “literal” meaning of the text. Stemming from controversies with fundamentalist readers, we find ourselves wondering… Did God create the world in 6 days less than 6000 years… Read More

Where Did The Bible Come From?

Understanding where the Bible came from is critical to interpreting it

Two Ways to Pray with Scripture

Through stories, letters, historical accounts, laws, proverbs, and liturgical texts, the Bible contains truths about God, our humanity, the world, and how we are to be in relationship with each. It is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge,… Read More

A “Lectio Divina” of Life

Lectio Divina, or “divine reading,” is a powerful way to engage Sacred Scripture in a prayerful way. Dating back as one of the oldest practices in the Church, Lectio Divina┬áis the process of reading Scripture as the living… Read More