Why Did Jesus Come?

On December 25 every year, the Christian world celebrates the greatest mystery in human history: the Incarnation. At a moment in time, the eternal, omnipotent, and patently-outside-of-time God entered history to become ephemeral, weak, and finite in time… Read More

What Are We Waiting For?

Most think Advent is about Christmas. The Church says it’s about much more.

The Franciscan Humility Challenge

How can we prepare for Christmas in the spirit of St. Francis?

Francis: The Patron of More Than Just Birds

This evening, the friars in my house celebrated the 35th anniversary of St. Francis being named the Patron of Ecology. As head of the JPIC committee in the house, I had the privilege of preaching at mass based… Read More

God With Us

As a Franciscan, Christmas is the celebration of the most terrific moment in human history: God became like us to be with us. Being born into poverty, surrounded by animals and filth, and visited by those who were… Read More