New Video Series?

After the modest success of the road trip videos (by which I mean that I was able to string together a few clips with no prior editing skill and people actually watched it), I started thinking about new… Read More

Staying Classy in San Diego

Greetings from San Diego! It was a long journey yesterday, but I am safe and sound at Old Mission San Luis Rey with Edgardo Jara, ofm. My trip started at 7:30am yesterday with a drive to the train… Read More

A Look At Where We’ve Been

Over the past few weeks much of my focus has been on where I’m going. I’m going to Triangle, VA for my summer assignment. I’m going on a road trip across the country. I may or may not… Read More

The Paulist Pub

This year, the friars at Holy Name College here in D.C. have been a part of quite a few gatherings. There was the beginning of the year social of all the religious, the recent Franciscan prayer and dinner… Read More

More of the Same

With the exception of the full-year hiatus when I wasn’t allowed to write during novitiate, these past two weeks have been the longest period of time without posting something. For all my avid readersĀ out there, and by avid… Read More