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With a blog, posts come and go. As soon as a new post is written the old one is moved closer to the bottom of the pile (no matter how good or popular it may be!) Because of that, I decided to go back and set aside a few of my favorite posts from the past three years here. As new ones come along, I’ll add them to the list. I’d love to hear which posts were your most favorite!

Possession We use the word “mine” a lot, believing ourselves to be the ultimate possessor of things. In reality, all things, including our time, are gifted to us by God: Mine!

Kenosis. A look at Jesus’ self-emptying, and the self-emptying required to be His follower. What do I stubbornly hold onto? It is in letting go that we are truly able to receive. Kenosis: What Can I Let Go Of?

Celibacy. I used to fear celibacy because I thought it lacked intimacy. It turns out that intimacy is much more than romantic relationships, and I feel completely fulfilled as a celibate man. (#3 and #1 most popular posts. Sex sell I guess!) A Life to Share, The Irony of Being Celibate

Community Life. How community life is the absolute worst thing in the world. How community life is the greatest thing in the world.  This Is Not What I Signed Up For!

Suffering. Why do bad things happen to good people? An answer to the question of evil in the world discussed in three parts: Why Do We Suffer? Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3

Justice. Thoughts on Catholic Social Teaching when I was a postulant and political nature of the Gospel: “If You Want Peace, Work For Justice.”

Poverty. A four part reflection on my struggle to live as a poor person in the first world. Is it even possible? Are we supposed to help the poor or imitate them? These and a host of other questions: My Struggle With Poverty, Why poverty?, How To: Poverty, and My [Continued] Struggle With Poverty.

My Call to the Priesthood. Follow my journey of discerning a call to ordained ministry: Discerning the Priesthood Pt. 1, Discerning the Priesthood Pt.2, Yes, But Under My ConditionsA Call to Sacramental Ministry

Immigration/Minority. Franciscans are supposed to take on the life of the lowest in society. How do we do this for people like immigrants who are completely disenfranchised? Franciscan Justice: A Life of Minority

3 Comments on “My Favorites

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  2. Casey, just got turned onto this blog, it’s fantastic! I’ve been picking and choosing posts. One of my favorite posts was about prayer and you said to pray at least 30 min a day. It is hard for me to pray for 30 straight minutes. I know that might sound bad, but it’s true, I lose focus. Do you have any direction you can give me? I’m assuming when you say prayer that this is in addition to bible study or devotional time.

    Also, I too read the Bible in a year and like you I find the masses much more engrossing now. A funny thing has happened over the past few months…I find myself wanting to go to church instead of feeling obligated!

    Thanks keep up great work!

    • Hey Dave, I’m the same way sometimes with prayer: 30 minutes can be tough. Few suggestions: 1. Pray for an hour. Sounds weird, but sometimes it takes 20-30 minutes to focus, and you don’t even “start praying” until then. 2. Keep a notebook to write down your distractions for later.

      Hope that helps!

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