My Favorite Things!

Who says you have to be one of the richest people in the world to broadcast your favorite things through the media to strangers? If Oprah can do it I can do it! (There will be no cars, sweaters, or vacations given away due to reading this post, however. You may look under your chair, but I am not responsible for anything you may find.)

What I mean is actually quite different than the way she means it (obviously.) With a blog, posts come and go. As soon as a new post is written the old one is moved closer to the bottom of the pile (no matter how good or popular it may be!) Because of that, I decided to go back and set aside a few of my favorite posts from the past three years and put them together on a separate tab on this site. You’ll notice on the top of the screen that there is a new tab called “My Favorites” in between “About Me” and “Photos”. Click that link and you’ll see what I mean. As new ones come along, I’ll add them to the list.

Also, I’d love to hear which posts were your most favorite and to hear the sorts of things you’re interested in! Thank you all for your support in my vocation and in your encouraging comments!

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