For years, I’ve produced the “Catholicism in Focus” series as a way to catechize. I focus on the teachings of the Church and try to get beneath a surface level understanding of faith. My hope is that it has brought many people closer to an adult faith.

But it seems that I have missed a step along the way. Catechesis is great, and necessary, but many people are not ready for a series like that. They haven’t met Jesus, haven’t laid the foundation of faith, have no reason to care about catechesis. They need evangelization.

And so I thought, what if I made a “Catholicism In Focus” style series focused more on the essence of the faith? Not the teachings, per se, but the reason for the teachings, theĀ faith. For me, there are questions that every Christian should be able to answer, questions upon everything rests, that I think go untested. Can people actually explain Christianity to another? Can they give a testimony of faith? Can they share theĀ kerygma?

In this series, simply called “Kerygma,” I hope to explore these sorts of questions and to offer easily attainable and shareable answers. But as I say in this first video, my goal is not so much to give the answer for people to memorize as it is to get people thinking for themselves how they would answer. If put on the spot, how would you answer?

In this first video, I begin with the question of Christianity in general. What is it at its core?