New Series: Kerygma

For years, I’ve produced the “Catholicism in Focus” series as a way to catechize. I focus on the teachings of the Church and try to get beneath a surface level understanding of faith. My hope is that it has brought many people closer to an adult faith.

But it seems that I have missed a step along the way. Catechesis is great, and necessary, but many people are not ready for a series like that. They haven’t met Jesus, haven’t laid the foundation of faith, have no reason to care about catechesis. They need evangelization.

And so I thought, what if I made a “Catholicism In Focus” style series focused more on the essence of the faith? Not the teachings, per se, but the reason for the teachings, the faith. For me, there are questions that every Christian should be able to answer, questions upon everything rests, that I think go untested. Can people actually explain Christianity to another? Can they give a testimony of faith? Can they share the kerygma?

In this series, simply called “Kerygma,” I hope to explore these sorts of questions and to offer easily attainable and shareable answers. But as I say in this first video, my goal is not so much to give the answer for people to memorize as it is to get people thinking for themselves how they would answer. If put on the spot, how would you answer?

In this first video, I begin with the question of Christianity in general. What is it at its core?

5 Comments on “New Series: Kerygma

  1. Fr. Casey, you have hit the nail on the head! Kerygma is wonderful. If your first effort is any indication, the series will be life changing, spirit changing. Thank you for your own continued growth and ministry. Lots of folks love it! and pray for you all the time!

  2. So, ok, and how does that work? I can stand on a street corner and proclaim this. I can live it out everyday in my life, and “be Christ for others.” And all I need to do is read the Gospels, meditate deeply on them, and go act. So, why the buildings, the special people, the arcane systems that one could spend a life time trying to understand? I think it’s all there in the Our Father….what more do we need?….that’s the prayer Jesus himself left. But seems to me what you are about is making a business, a very specific Catholic business, and your own personal livelihood, out of all of this. Like, you have something to offer that is already there, and has been for centuries. You don’t have anything new to say. This is just more slick advertising…..and who’s to say this church is better than that one over there, or some other faith in someone or something altogether different? You’re selling…….thin air… a vanishing population, as it turns out, because those who know this, ALREADY know this, even if they aren’t Catholic or even Christian, and those who want to know it can find it, for free. Just exactly the way Jesus gave it…..for free.

    • And as you already well know, the original Kerygma was ” Jesus is Lord” and the rest of it, Incarnation, Resurrection, and Discipleship were fleshed out over many centuries. None of this started to get codified until the early 4th century when the Roman Emperor, Constantine, forcibly convened the council of Nicaea, and it took six more after that over several centuries to further refine. So, not being exactly honest here, gross oversimplification. The bottom line, is basically human kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, as outlined in the Our Father. All very, very simple and NOT AT ALL institutional. Would that so much energy were actually put into real problems. Tens of millions of people do good to one another simply because it’s the human thing to do, evolutionarily speaking. Whether one does it for Jesus’s or Buddha’s or Mohammed’s sake, or for the Prophets, or whomever, or just because, is, in the end, immaterial. You’re just after a fast buck and you’re pushing your party’s line to do it. Been there, done that. Ain’t necessary, so why bother? Give it up!

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