Stumbling into the Absurd

These last two weeks have been a blur. Week-long high school mission trip. Six weekend masses, two in Spanish, an hour and a half from home. Catholic schools week. ix weekend masses, two in Spanish, an hour and a half from home. Whew. Good thing lent is around the corner… I was starting to get bored!

I’d be joking if I said it was easy to pull everything off this week, but I’m proud of what we produced… even if it is all a bit absurd.

Satire Exposes the Truth

This week’s reflection is satire. Let me make that clear. I do not espouse the beliefs I present in the first half of the video, no matter how convincing it may seem. What I’m doing (as you’ll see if you watch until the end) is highlighting the absurdity of our logic sometimes. I start with something we can all relate to, a desire deep within us, but the more I talk the more I show how illogical and unfulfilling it is. Sometimes, you have to stumble into the absurd to find the truth.

This is NOT how you do it

Sometimes, seeing the wrong answer fail is just as important as seeing the right one succeed. Such is the case of the movie Saved!, a 2004 high school comedy about a girl struggling in her faith. She’s presented with many Christians trying to help her, but as we see, it only serves to drive her away further.

Sequels: The good, the bad, and the absurd

I’m happy to say that Everyday Liminality is back with a new theme this semester: sequels. I seem to have forgotten to add our first week’s episode, so here is a double feature this week.

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out movie (and total bogus movie):

And Empire Strikes Back (leaving you seriously wondering about two friars getting this worked up about a space opera):

Nothing More Absurd Than the Gospel

At least, to the secular world, that is. If you’re looking to pray more with the Gospels, be sure to check out my daily mediation podcast, The Word Became Flesh. Here’s an episode from this week.

A Normal Week Upcoming? Never

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

5 Comments on “Stumbling into the Absurd

  1. WELL SAID! St. John of the Cross said, “God’s greatest gifts fall into hearts that are empty of self”, like the poor, sick, lame, suffering, persecuted, etc. These are blessed that call to us to give of ourselves, and thus, empty our hearts of ourselves and make room for Christ to aid others.

  2. Sounds fun but also maybe time for a pause button Like ya said Lent is coming good season for the changeup Gl Padre 🙏🦁

  3. Re: My Advice to God
    I find satire to be a VERY tricky medium. In your case, however, you wielded this literary sword quite expertly. You expounded on thoughts I’ve oft had, but was ashamed to admit to myself or God. By you exposing and playing out the implications of these ponderings, I discovered how hamartea my train of thought had been. God’s used you to set me free from that burden. Thank you.

  4. Not a moviegoer – that part is lost on me.
    But satire? Facetiousness? Grew up on it.

    Go, Father!!

  5. I think you need to get yourself a cat or two. They grow on you, and eventually you realize they are smarter than many people, and they don’t flaunt it. Trust me, you will learn to love them! Just sayin…..

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