What a Week (and counting)!

There is nothing boring about this life. Last week I chaperoned a group of nine high schoolers on a mission trip to Philadelphia to work at the friars’ soup kitchen, St. Francis Inn. We got back in town late Friday night, and yesterday I was off to help cover a few parishes in the dioceses. Six masses later, I’m finally home, looking forward to a nice, normal, completely-unbusy Catholic Schools week as the chaplain of two Catholic schools. Life is good. Let’s recap what’s new in media.

We really need police reform

Two weeks ago, I posted a video on a topic I had been thinking about for a while. Little did I know how relevant it would become in just a week’s time. As the nation find itself still reeling from yet another example of police brutality, I offer this as a solution: learn from the mistakes the Catholic Church made and do something to fix the culture of your organization.

Catholicism in Focus Returns

After nearly two years away, Catholicism in Focus is back. In this episode, I offer a “quick” overview of Catholic Church history.

Responding to Common Misconceptions

There are legitimate criticism of the Catholic Church. These are not them. In this video, we respond to a man taking cheap shots at the Church by spreading misinformation.

Not in Good Faith Arguments

Satire is an important part of both comedy and social change. Sometimes, you need to take something to an absurd level to show how flawed the argument is. The Babylon Bee does that, but it’s also really mean in the process.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Fr. Casey

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