Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season! I had the opportunity to visit my family for 8 days and didn’t hesitate to let everything go for a week. I hope the absence of this newsletter wasn’t too jarring for everyone! Things will be fairly regular for the foreseeable future.

Because I’ve taken a few weeks off, there isn’t much new to share, and so, as I do each year, I want to look back on 2022 and offer some of my favorites.

Breaking in the Habit

Christmas as it should be told. This video came out just over a week ago but it’s one I hope will live on for a while. The Story of Christmas is not sweet and comforting–it’s unsettling.

Talk about a deep dive down a rabbit hole! This video was one of the most interesting that I’ve ever researched.

The views winner for the year, it was definitely the funniest and most fun to make (not to mention informative!)

Want to see a bit more of what I do and who I am? This walk and talk is a fun peak into my life.

Upon Friar Review

Sometimes, you have to be able to laugh about yourself. This applies even to our faith.

Not everyone is called to be a friar. In this movie, we follow a man destined for a different way of serving God.

Yikes. This movie is tough to watch. But important.

The sacrament of confession is such an important part of our lives. Unfortunately, it’s not always portrayed well in the media.

Everyday Liminality

Gosh, do I love Pixar movies. Which is why this bracket was inevitable.

Who doesn’t love Mean Girls? I mean, really! Not only is it iconic, it’s fantastic.

Fr. Tito and I dissect one of my favorite movies of all time A League of Their Own.

I was really surprised by how good Bird Box was. It posed a lot of questions for me.

Thanks for a great year!

2022 was a great year for Breaking in the Habit and I’m excited to be back soon for 2023!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

4 Comments on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1. Re: The Real Christmas Story is Unsettling

    Thank you for historically contextualizing the birth of Jesus and the flight to Egypt. It IS very uncomfortable and I’m glad you had the insight and courage to say so. If this is how He chose to be treated, even before His birth, I REALLY need to reexamine what it means to follow Him. Kyrie Eleison!

    I don’t blame you for repeating yourself in this video. Multiple applications of Truth are often necessary for it to sink in, whether it’s received or not.

    God help us to be faithful and obedient in our respective callings unto our last breath.

  2. Hope you have a good holiday with your family and wish your 2023 a year of peace and great achievement.

  3. I sometimes wonder why we always think that we have to say something? I went to my first Holy Hour of the Year this week and do you know what was the best part? The silence. When the priest stopped speaking and the music stopped and I had the opportunity to gaze in silence at the Holy Sacrament, that was bliss.

  4. So glad you had some time with
    your family. Keep up the good that you do …….and give Glory to God!

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