Today the Church celebrates Gaudete Sunday, a short reprieve in a fasting and waiting to remember that Jesus is already among us. And not a day too soon. How easy it is to look around our world and see nothing but darkness and despair! But these are not eyes of faith if that is all we see. Christ is among us.

My homily today builds off of this, looking at the many ways that the world has improved over the past 100 years, leading to a few anecdotes about my life today. Those anecdotes, where I find Jesus in our world, was the topic of this week’s reflection.

Can You See Him?

We Need to Laugh

An essential part of rejoicing is having a good laugh. The past two weeks of Upon Friar Review have given a heavy dose of just that. These videos will have you in stitches!

We Need A Hero

In our final pairing of the season for Everyday Liminality, Fr. Tito and I are looking at the origin of the superhero explosion, Spider-Man. In last week’s episode we discussed the 2002 movie with Toby Maguire, and next week we’ll compare it to the 2012 movie The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield.

You Can Play Along!

For the season finale of Everyday Liminality, Fr. Tito and I are crowning the best Pixar movie. Since there are 26 movies we couldn’t do a full 32-team bracket as usual, but I think it’s going to be great. If you’d like to fill out the bracket yourself, we’d love to see your guesses! Email us your completed bracket to The person with the most points (compared to our picks) will receive an Amazon gift card!

Beginning the Gospel of Matthew

With the beginning of Advent meant the beginning of a new lectionary cycle, moving our attention to the Gospel of Matthew. Just this week, I began reading and meditating on this gospel on my podcast The Word Became Flesh. If you’re looking for a daily reflection series, check it out today!

Drafting the Saints

I created a filter on TikTok to infuse a little more saintly conversation. I’m not using it for the most “normal” of things, but it fun!


Pick your top 5 saints. Who you got? Catholic@BeAFranciscan @TheWhiskeyPriest_OFM

♬ original sound – caseyofm

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and that your Advent season is going well!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

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  1. Thank you, Fr Casey! You inspire a 90-year-old in quarantine for COVID! Thank you!

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