Things… Fell Apart

Hello everyone! Remember these? Up until a few months ago you were used to receiving a newsletter each Saturday morning recounting the week’s media and news. That was, until things fell apart this summer.

Now, admittedly, nothing dramatic happened. Fr. Tito and I made it to all 30 ballparks without injury or sickness, we had a great time, and everything went as well as it could have. To say “things fell apart” implies that there was some sort of catastrophe, which there wasn’t. Really, I just hit a wall. Over the course of 11 weeks, we traveled 18,000 miles, stayed in 36 different locations (averaging 2.1 nights per location), gave dozens of talks, went to 30 baseball games, produced 10 YouTube videos, made regular Instagram and Tiktok posts, and you get the picture. Add that to some unfortunate negative attention on social media and the fact that the YouTube videos were turning out to be duds despite working 3 times as hard on them, and there reached a point where I moved into survival mode. I just have to get this tour done. I don’t want to post anything else. I don’t want to talk about the negativity. I don’t want to be on the internet at all, actually.

And so, I kind of lost the will to post newsletters this summer. Sorry about that. I hope that you were able to follow me on the platforms directly to keep up with the tour because, really, it was amazing. More about that in a few weeks.

For now, I have some news.

New Podcast

Over the past few years I’ve seen an increased attention on studying the Bible among Catholics. There are study programs, “Bible in a Year” podcasts and plans, small groups forming at parishes and colleges. Just wonderful to hear.

And yet, I can’t help but think that something is missing. Studying the Bible is great, but what about praying with the Bible? For many, this is not a skill they possess or a regular part of their routine. I want to change that.

Starting next week, I will be posting a daily guided meditation on the Gospels. Each day I will read a passage of scripture three times, offering questions to guide the listener to encounter the Word more deeply. I hope that you’ll join me each day and make praying with Scripture a part of your daily routine.

Breaking in the Habit is now a “Team”

Since 2015, Breaking in the Habit has basically been one guy: me. I consulted with a friend for the first few years about ideas and have hired freelances on a few occasions to fill in some technical gaps, but for the most part I have written, produced, edited, and published everything you’ve ever seen on any of my platforms. It’s been great, but I’ve reached my limit.

Starting next week, everything you see on Breaking in the Habit, Upon Friar Review, Everyday Liminality, and The Word Became Flesh will be published by a professional production company. They’re taking over everything.

At least, as it relates to editing. The writing, performance, and filming will still all be done by me, but for once, I will have some help in the production of videos, freeing me up to produce higher quality content while giving more attention to the local ministries where I serve.

This is only possible because of the generous donations that you all have provided over the years. For the most part, my overhead costs have been far lower than what people have provided, giving me a surplus over the years. I felt a bit of guilt about it at times, but always knew that I was saving it for a bigger purpose later. This is that purpose. Hiring a company like this isn’t cheap but it’s also something that my ministry is easily able to afford without making an ask for more money. For that, I thank you for all who donated over the years.

More to come

Because of that, I am lagging a bit behind in getting everything ready, but new content should be here in just a few weeks! I’m really excited for some of the things we’re planning this fall and hope that you are too!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

24 Comments on “Things… Fell Apart

    • Padre, I’m so excited for all things coming up. I’ll be praying for you, God bless you!

  1. You are doing as Jesus taught. He would go away alone and pray. You need this time to rest and spend time alone with Jesus. I miss you. For the new podcast I want a shirt. I wore my one for the baseball tour to Medgegorje. You are loved!

  2. Whew! That tired me out, describing what you do! Looking forward to the future. That was a whirlwind baseball tour, you and Tito can now relax a bit?

    • You don’t need to explain. Take all the time you need. So excited for the Lecto Divino podcast. You have blessed us in so many ways. Thank you Father✝️

  3. The one thing the we are reminded of from time to time is that we are human. With that, we sometimes have to withdraw just to get our focus and just exhale.

  4. Hi. I normally love your videos so just wanted to say by way of comment re the poor response to the YouTube videos. I live in the UK and have zero connection with baseball, i don’t understand the terminology or get excited by it. Therefore I didn’t watch one of the videos. I will however be back.

    Peace and all good

    Gary Waldron

  5. I enjoy everything that I have watched and am looking forward to your new endeavers. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. I love your videos and posts, thank for all your hard work
    God bless you

  7. Padre, No apology necessary! You are doing amazing, inspirational work in the Lord’s name. Plus, you are only human……I could never have kept up your schedule this summer! If only the church had more ministers like you to preach His word, so eloquently.
    God bless, Michael J. Nichols

  8. Thank you for all that you do, it is inspiring. I’m sorry to hear about the negativity, that is sad to hear. Keep up the good work!

  9. Fr. Casey,

    I have followed you on YouTube and through your blog for years. I’ve also been one of your Patreon sponsors for years. I’m glad to hear that you are getting some technical support to free up more of your time and allow you to continue your wonderful work. I think it’s great that you have been able to save some money over the years so you can go in this direction now. Thank you for all you are doing and have done. I enjoy all of your content.


    Diane Mahoney Sacramento, CA

    P.S. I loved your baseball tour with Fr. Tito – the idea behind it and the way you two executed it. Had I been able to get to the Giants’ park in SF when the two of you were there, I would have been delighted to meet you both – and probably would have embarrassed myself by being a total fangirl. 🙂


  10. This is great news, Fr. Casey. Our world needs more people like you. Good luck with all your projects.

  11. Fr. Casey, the recording describing the meditations of the daily Gospels gave me goosebumps. This might be just the thing for me (others haven’t moved me). I hope to figure out how to subscribe to it.

  12. Fr. Casey, so sorry to hear about the negativity online. The baseball tour was great fun to watch and I so enjoyed meeting you and Fr. Tito in Phoenix! That’s where I picked up your book on the Beatitudes and have been sharing it with a friend. We meet after Sunday Mass to discuss and our conversations have been fascinating and challenging. I strongly recommend the book to anyone who wants to do some serious spiritual self-examination! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your love for Jesus. Very excited about the Word Became Flesh!

  13. OUTSTANDING news, Fr. Casey!! Looking forward to listening to your piece. Sorry to have missed you in Los Angeles ( Dodger game) but, enjoyed all the videos! Peace and blessings to you. Margie – So Cal Friar Fan!

  14. Dear Fr Casey
    I’ve been following you for what seems like a lifetime (I am 73) and I have loved all you do. Please enjoy a good rest and don’t rush back till you are ready, but I am looking forward to Lectio Divina

    With every good wish for God’s blessings on you and your brother Franciscans

  15. Father Casey. No worries man…you are reaching the flock in so many great ways! Take a few days off. We will still be around.

    God Bless you brother!

  16. Father Casey,
    I loved the videos of the baseball tour and looked forward every week to seeing them! Besides those your wonderful podcasts and videos have been an inspiration to me, in addition to your well written and thought proving book, of which I was one of the lucky winners of. I look forward to seeing more of you videos and podcasts, and I don’t know where the negativity you received has come from but as you can see by the above comments from all who have posted you have touched many peoples lives,
    God Bless and keep up the wonderful work you do,

  17. Loved your post, as always, as well as everyone else’s comments. In appreciation of you and all you do, in agreement with all of the above,


  18. Dear Father Casey,
    We have a saying in Polish, that someone who would please everybody was not born yet (Jeszcze she taki nie narodzil, story by wszystkim dogodzil). Please don’t take to your heart any negativity. You help me, and others in those difficult times for Catholisizm. Thank you for that!!

  19. Father Casey, I’m glad the “Bleacher Brothers” adventure was successful despite the kick-back. You continue to be a great example to me even now as you’re needing rest and a change in how you do what you do. I wish I could send you a nice, dark ale, good company, and a restful environment in which to enjoy it. Take all the time you need, bro. 🙂

  20. All is well! Don’t worry about the time-line. I enjoyed watching the visits to all the ballparks. That was a great & unique ministry. God bless.

  21. Ah you have discovered, like Moses, that delegation is a great thing to enable you to get through the day. However unlike Moses you don’t have a father in law. No matter, a friend stepped into the breach and gave you the advice you need.
    Fr Pat has had some issues too but he called on Dan.
    Looking forward to your prayer. So will it be Franciscan in style?

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