A Dive into the Absurd

This week, for whatever reason, everything at Breaking in the Habit focuses on what not to do in order to teach what to do. There is the ridiculously funny, the judgmental, the cringy, and the downright wrong. Hope you enjoy!

Biblical Stories… taken WAY too Literally

Since the 19th century, there have been Christians that demand that every word of the Bible is meant to be taken literally, at face value. This is obviously problematic on theological terms. But it also problematic on mundane, practical terms as well, which is what Adrian Bliss shows in his silly TikToks.

Disgusted at… Learning?

Sometimes the absurdity is a little closer to home: ourselves. In this weeks’ reflection, I recognize a habit in myself to look down on those for simply being at a different stage of life than me. What the world needs is a little more patience.

A Difficult Movie to Watch Today

If you saw the movie Willow as a child, I can see why you would love it. It’s adventurous, magical, and silly, things that kids love to watch. This is why Fr. Tito loves it. If you were an adult in 2022 when you first watched this movie, like I was, you might not have the same reaction. For me, it was unoriginal, outdated, and really cringy. You can be the judge, but it’s a great example of how context influences our love for art.


Distributing communion should be one of the greatest joys of any priest’s life. I mean, it’s the body of Christ. And yet, it can be an awkward, depressing experience when you see irreverent, uncatechized people receiving the Eucharist. Sometimes, you just have to make an absurd TikTok to teach people how it should go…


Good advice for the communion line #Catholic #funny

♬ Funny – MaxRazumov

T Minus 26 Days

Well that was a little terrifying to write… Only 26 days until Fr. Tito and I leave for our round-the-country tour! Whoa. After 8 years of dreaming, it’s almost here. We hope that you can join us along the way! Our calendar is pretty set at this point, just looking to finalize a few more venues. Be sure to check our calendar at the bottom of the page for the most up-to-date information.

Play Ball!

Fr. Casey

2 Comments on “A Dive into the Absurd

  1. I have been following Adrian Bliss for the last few months on both YouTube and Instagram (and he always delights with his quirky, deceptively rough-hewn video shorts. Glad you and Father Patrick showcased his surprisingly thought-provoking takes on the Bible.

  2. Thank you for introducing us to the work of Adrian Bliss. He seems to carry Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ whimsey, poignance, and Briticism without the nihilism and vulgarity.

    “Being Patient with the Scruples of Others” and the review of “Willow” tied together to me and reminded me that as one grows upwards, today’s best efforts will seem sophomoric compared to what is attained tomorrow; however, each sincere effort is worthy of respect, be they our own or others’.

    Have a great trip, guys!

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