Holy Week, Holy Questions

Today we find ourselves in silence. Having entered into the Paschal Mystery Thursday, the Christian world finds itself reeling at the death of Jesus, stunned at the loss. Saturday is a quiet day of contemplation as we mourn the loss of our Lord, pondering questions of life and death. Questions like…

Why do bad things happen?

The hit show Scrubs was a master at blending slapstick comedy with gut wrenching drama. In this episode, two characters debate whether there is rationality in the universe and why bad things happen.

How do we save a dying Church?

Two years ago yesterday, I posed a video called Saving a Dying, Shrinking Church, suggesting what I believed to be the answer to the Church’s problems in the west. Looking back on it, the video was insufficient. It was vague. It was filled with platitudes. I still strongly believe in the essential message, but it needed more. And so, this week’s video:

How do we break the cycle of sin?

When people think of sin, they mostly think of individual choices. There is this notion that we are entirely free to do what is good but sometimes we choice the bad. I’m not so sure this is ever the case. While we do have free will, to some extent, we are also the products of our environment. We live in a world where sin is all around us, forming us, directing us, weakening us. The sins of others have an effect on us, if in no other way than to normalize sin. Sin is personal, yes, but it is also social, hereditary, and cyclical. We need not just turn from sin ourselves, we must break the cycle for future generations.

This is what I believe Cloud Atlas shows us. Although secular in nature, the film bears many Christians themes and is one of the most beautiful, inspiring movies I’ve ever seen.

And finally, why does food look so good when fasting?

Alright, maybe not the most important of questions, but worth asking nonetheless! Happy fasting! (The Church requires universal fasting on Good Friday but encourages that fast to continue all the way through the Easter Vigil.)


The paschal fast has begun! I hope your Good Friday is holy and life-giving! #goodfriday #catholic #humor

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I hope everyone takes some time today for quiet reflection and that your Easter is a blessed one!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

5 Comments on “Holy Week, Holy Questions

  1. I hope you know how much you are loved not in a carnal way but in the fact that you are a great teacher. I have a question if I may? I have been diagnosed with colon cancer will start 6 month chemo April 27th. I feel there is something to be learned from this one lesson I got already was that I am nothing special. My question is how do I offer this up to God. I saw the movie Father Stu and it made me think. Happy Easter Father Casey. Charles Dennis

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    • Colossians 1:24, Your suffering becomes strength and salvation for others. Also in the 14 steps of Christ when Simon of Cyrene carries the cross of Christ notice that Simon did not choose to carry the cross but was forced to. Jesus said, “Take up your cross and follow me.” But then that gets very hard to do imagine having the strength of Simon and carrying Christ’s cross for the whole world. Sometimes when I internalize this in my worst moments it helps me. The Chaplet song of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ may help. These are mystical applications and may be hard to wrap mind, heart and spirit around but pray about it for God to show you and have others pray for you. I haven’t seen the movie of Father Stu. Will google it. Will pray for you and I wish you well. Husband has advanced cancer. It was nice to feel special in younger years. As I age I especially see much suffering in others and it prompts me to give aid when I can.

  2. Once more, y’all have gone for the deep and substantial. Though difficult for me to experience at times, your presentations are stretching my comprehension in a good way and helping me to grow in wisdom and knowledge. He is risen indeed! (and there’s nothing that could have stopped it!)

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