Special Opportunity!

Hey everyone! It’s your second post of the week and it’s for a good reason! This week, Fr. Tito, myself, and a mystery guest will be recording our finale episode of Everyday Liminality for the season. As we’ve done for the past three seasons, the finale will be a bracket-style discussion to determine the “best” movie of a category, in this case, the most iconic/classic movie. Here’s where it matters to you.

Below, you will see our bracket for next week. We want you to fill it out. Guess which one’s we’ll pick and pick a winner. Once you’re done, send it to me via email (everydayliminality@gmail.com), and I’ll determine the winner. Everyone who submits an entry will receive an Upon Friar Review sticker (as long as you include your mailing address and have a residence in the United States.) Depending on how many people submit a bracket, it might take a while to determine a winner, but whoever wins will receive a gift card!

Have fun, and good luck!

Click below to download.

4 Comments on “Special Opportunity!

  1. Father CaseyUnfortunately I do not really understand how to choose When I do nothing happens except an enlargement then I mmake a choice and it reverts to the smaller showing both diagrams. No sweat.. I will still keep you and the others in my prayers…. I assume Father Patrick will be your Guest… & Peace Joe Hamm

    • Fr Casey,
      I forgot to give you the
      important information after I sent the bracket. My home address; 3214 W. Ellery, Fresno, CA. 93711

      I am also a monthly donated to Breaking in the habit would like another sticker to place on my husband’s car.
      Thank you
      Debbi Jorgensen

  2. Well Fr Casey, I am technology challenged so I have no idea how to fill this out, after I download it just enlarges when I click on it.

  3. Hello Fr Casey,
    I don’t know if you would like me to provide all my Hypothetical winners in each bracket? Well I didn’t do that just chose the champion. I felt the hardest category was science since I could rewatch any of them multiple times.
    Winner: Star Wars

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