It’s beginning to look a lot like…

A break. Yes, things are starting to wind down for the winter here at Breaking in the Habit. As I do every year, I’m preparing to take some time off, relaxing, reflecting, and planning for a new semester. But we’re not don’t just yet…

Season Finale of Upon Friar Review?

It’s been a great semester for Upon Friar Review, passing 100,000 subscribers a few weeks ago. We’ve looked at some controversial things, some insightful things, and a lot of things that made us laugh. Because of our busy schedules over the next few weeks, Fr. Patrick and I may not be able to film any more episodes this semester, so this might be our last episode until January. Enjoy!

E.T. isn’t about aliens

The thing with science fiction and fantasy movies is that they’re never really about science fiction or fantasy. They use imaginative and far-fetched ideas to give us insight into the normal, everyday experiences of life. In the case of E.T., it’s about a child struggling through isolation after his parent’s divorce. Watch the movie through a kid’s eyes and see how brilliant it is.

Of all the projects I’m working on right now, this is the one with the most life left. Fr. Tito and I have one more regular episode to release on Tuesday (it’s a comedy) before we conclude with our season finale! More information about the finale next week, but it will be a bracket, and it will be controversial!

Breaking in the Habit isn’t done yet

Last week I posted a video with a rather ominous title: Im giving up. I am not quitting YouTube, as you probably guessed, but I am dealing with some significant burnout right now and need to reevaluate how I approach this ministry for the future. Things will probably change next semester, but they won’t go away. In fact, they won’t even go away for the semester, just yet. I needed to let that video sit for a while, but I plan on producing one, maybe two more videos before Christmas. See you next week for a slightly more hopeful video!

Speaking of Christmas…

One question I’ve gotten a lot lately is, “What are you doing for the holidays? Are you allowed to go home?” The answer is yes… and no. I will be at the parish for Christmas Day, celebrating masses, serving the community, and celebrating with the friars. Just as it would be weird if a married person left his wife and kids to go spend Christmas with his parents, so, too, would it be a little weird if the community of friars just up and went their separate ways for Christmas. This year, I plan on being with the friars on Christmas Day, but will spend five days with my family starting the next day. I’ll spend New Year’s weekend with some friends from college, and then I’ll spend five days on retreat. It’s going to be a great two weeks away!

Happy Gaudete Sunday!

Tomorrow is the third week of Advent, known a Gaudete Sunday. Gaudete is a latin word meaning “rejoice,” an opportunity to remember that, even in this penitential season, we have reason to be thankful and look on with hope! As a Church, we like to spark some rejoicing in the simplest of ways… by forcing the priest to wear pink to mass. Fun times had by all!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

4 Comments on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. I much enjoy and spiritually benefit and appreciate your works!

  2. Joe Hamm here…. I would think you do some research for your homilies. There is nothing more I would like to be inspired than you posting your homily every Sunday! I like the way you always “tell like it is”

  3. Fr. Casey, continue to inspire our fellow Catholic people and other Christians as well, with all your vlogs that’s truly enlightening, shedding light about our faith, and bringing the Good News to everyone around the world. God bless you and your community. Merry Christmas! 🙏😊🙏😇

  4. The peace and beauty of this Season is to be enjoyed by everyone. The reality of the situation is that there are always those individuals that are on the job day in and out during holidays in order to keep us safe and well. Priests, Deacons, Police, Medical, Military staff, and many others are on that list. I pray that they get a chance to be with their loved ones in some well deserved “free time”. Keep these guardians safe and blessed with the knowledge that that are needed, appreciated and loved. Let us take time to thank them in person as we see them while moving through our Holidays. Be safe and in God’s loving care this day and all days.

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