Abortion is not THAT important

Yes. The title is provocative. I know. Don’t judge something simply by its name.

The content of this week’s video isn’t the least bit controversial. At least it shouldn’t be. It boils down to this: the ends don’t justify the means. No matter what we do, no matter how important we might think it is, there is never an excuse to compromise our lives as disciples. First and foremost, we are called to the Ten Commandments; we are required to live the beatitudes; we are meant to be humble, loving followers of Christ.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are many people who get so enflamed by an issue that they believe anything is allowed to stop it. This issue is that important.

It’s not. It never is.

You can (and should) oppose racism, but not by publicly shaming white politicians and attacking their families.

You can (and should) oppose the death penalty, but not by sending death threats to judges.

You can (and should) oppose abortions, but not by spreading vitriol online against those who disagree.

Today, as people march in their local communities, I have a simple message: no issue, not even abortion, is more important than living as a follower of Christ. If your opposition to abortion causes you to hate another, break the commandments, or be anything other than a humble follower of the beatitudes, you might need to take a step back. Nothing is that important that you would forfeit your place at the table, that you would act in a way that disgusts Jesus, to get something done.

Fighting for justice is something that we must do in our world, but please, do so as a Christian.

16 Comments on “Abortion is not THAT important

  1. Thank you Father Casey for delivering a moment of articulate, lucid,clarity in a time of polarizing passions. So much harm has been done in the name of God. It’s been like the Crusades all over again and I am so tired of a divided nation, family, neighborhood. “If my political flag in the front yard is bigger than your sign then I win.” Really? We have become like 6 year olds on the playground throwing sand in each other’s eyes.

  2. I am appaled that you think that the murder of 10s of millions of babies is not that important. While I understand that God and our faith is at the top of the list, I don’t know how you can equate anything else with this horrendous practice. I would give up my soul if it meant saving the souls of the millions of baby’s killed and if it meant saving the souls of the hundreds of millions in this world that advocate for the murder of these babies. This was an aweful video.

  3. I agree that we must not lose sight of our calling. The end may justify the means, but the means determines the end. The means for us can be no less than obedience to the one who saved us.

  4. I get what you are saying, but you did so while attacking everyone on the right and at the same time being an apologist for the left. You cannot attack an entire side of the political spectrum and not expect blowback. Your video is inappropriately and divisive….is that being a good shepherd?

  5. Father Casey: As always you take a subject and show us that we need to rethink things at times. I thank you for all that you do. I have truly been thinking in my own direction instead of following what Christ wants.

  6. Over the summer we saw a man unjustly have his life taken by a BAD Police Officer. As a result of this act we saw thousands go crazy in the streets rioting looting and burning Cities across the United States. We listened to the mainstream media call these actions justifiable outrage and that these people were righteously protesting. We watched Kamala Harris give a central number that could be used to donate bail money for these righteous protesters to get out on bail. And so it was.
    Now you want me to understand that no issue not even the murder of the unborn should generate an outcry. We watch Joe Biden an alleged Catholic come right into office and codify Roe vs Wade into law. My Question is where are the Princes of the Church. Why isn’t someone telling Biden his actions are wrong and against God’s law. I tell you we need a St Thomas Becket right now to call out and stand up to the corruption of an alleged Catholic violating God’s law. In reality we only hear silence.
    As a matter of fact The Newly appointed Cardinal Wilton Gregory Of Washington DC has no problem giving Holy Eucharist to Joe Biden knowing what his stance and actions on abortion will mean for the unborn. Does anyone not see the hypocrisy of this.
    Even Christ himself in the Gospel
    In righteous anger used a WIP and drove the money changes from the Temple cause they desecrated God’s house
    I do not advocate violence but
    Don’t tell me that Abortion is not that important or that it is important along with many other causes because it is singularly important in a place all by itself.
    At the time of our personal judgement The King will ask us what we did to stop Abortion and the minions of unborn souls will all be present to testify
    I do not want to answer that I thought Abortion was important but not any more important than Climate Change or Immigration

  7. Little to woke for the church – even Pope Benedict said there was a priority of issues – LIFE ( of the Unborn) being #1. Disappointed you felt it ok to object to that fact. If we lose life what difference is it to those other needs. Sorry Father another missed opportunity , if we don’t object to Abortion How can we object to Euthanasia or murder? Kill the baby than we won’t have to worry about his welfare would we?

  8. With all due respect, father, please explain to me how 60 million unborn babies killed & counting is “not THAT important”? Sugarcoating human sacrifice is a grave error & it sends a signal to those not fully formed in the Catholic faith that abortion is OK because “Father said abortion is not that important.”
    Fathers talk would have been much better had he discussed the destructive effect abortion has on the woman & her child. Hammering home the evil corrosiveness of the culture of impurity & culture of death day in & day out is our calling. Father omitted the gospel teaching of fraternal correction. Words shape ideas, ideas shape behavior.

  9. After watching your video, I was left wondering about the details. In principle, yes, discipleship comes first. But does that mean we form or join a third party not sullied by the Democratic or Republican platform? Does it mean we vote R or D party, but be vocal about when they transgress Catholic teaching? When do you know that you have crossed the line and made an issue your god?

  10. Thank you so much. We need to work through this issue with love, not hate. God bless you for doing so. We need to love our enemies as Jesus did. He made the effort to reach tax collectors and sinners.

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