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Everyone loves St. Francis. Really. Everyone. Throughout history he has been lauded by Catholics and Protestants, Muslims and people of good faith, environmentalists and hippies, even a 19th century business tycoon. His appeal is far and wide, and the images depicting him are as diverse as any saint.

Meaning… that when people try to make movies about him—and they do—they are going to be all over the map.

In honor of St. Francis week, Br. Tito and I watched two famous Franciscan movies (Brother Sun, Sister Moon and Francesco) to see how popular media has portrayed Francis is the past. Admittedly a bit underwhelmed, we spend the second half of the podcast imagining our own Franciscan movie.

3 Comments on “Franciscan Movies

  1. Wish you’d sketch out your own movie – on the other hand: A genius walking stick? What is its IQ?

  2. Your guys’ take on what your show/movie could be sounds pretty amazing (including training montage)! It’s definitely something that would be interesting to watch and share with people. The way it spans from pre-conversion Francis all the way to showing how the different branches emerge, is something that would be very interesting to see portrayed. The development of the Franciscan history itself.

    I have watched ‘Francesco’ as a teenager, and I resonated with a lot of the things that you guys mentioned here. The film did get me to read up on the man himself and the Franciscan orders, too. It’s just sad that there isn’t a more cohesive(?) movie depicting his life and the order(s).

  3. Good morning Brother Cole. I have read this blog yet. But I wanted to know what is your opinion on The DaVinci Code?

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