Where is God? In the Silence

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Click here to listen

Folks, this may be the best episode of Everyday Liminality that Br. Tito and I have ever produced. I’m not even going to say more. If you haven’t listened yet, check it out, share with a friend, and let us know what you think.

3 Comments on “Where is God? In the Silence

  1. Where is God? I assume he is watching and not letting things go to far. He allows us to go through things i think to strengthen our faith. God is in heaven. He is Spirit. His Spirit can live in us if we allow him…this is my opinion.

  2. I’ve listened until the end. It all went over my head until you said that God lives in the silence. If we do not tune in to him, we will not hear.

  3. Father Casey.A.Cole, I find this movie Silence is interesting by listening to your conversation about movie review-sacrificing their life to accomplish their mission. It reminds me about Saint Antony who had a thirst for becoming a martyr but God had different plan for him. Thank you so much father. You are unique and always think out of the box. I would like to ask you whether penance is the right tool to resist temptation. Kindly answer me Father.

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