The Church Has Let Me Down

I’m going to be completely honest with you: this video was made out of frustration. I have been stewing over something for months, and this video is my indirect response to it.

You see, I believe that we are entering somewhat unprecedented waters in our Church (and world). The rise of social media has allowed for ideas to spread faster than they have ever spread. People who would have otherwise had no influence on the world are now some of the loudest voices, shaping the world we live in. Even in our Church, there are many unhealthy online who do nothing but spread fear, division, and misinformation. I am speaking of individuals, but I am also speaking to the likes of Church Militant and LifeSite News, organizations that claim to speak in the name of the Church but care nothing of Church authority, actual Church teaching, mercy, forgiveness, or loving one’s enemies. They paint a picture of the Church in crumbles, pick and choose what aspects of the Church is most fitting to them, and rouse people to anger and despair.

I am more than a bit disgusted by the coverage I see of pope Francis by these individuals and organizations. I saw a priest on Twitter last week bragging about celebrating a mass of exorcism for the pope and Vatican. One “Catholic” newspaper claimed that it would no longer refer to the man in the Vatican as “Pope Francis,” only “Jorge Bergoglio.” Many have spread blatant lies in an attempt to defraud the pope.

To these people, I present this video. To these people—people who are so concerned that “Pope Francis is ruining the Church”—I ask a simple question: do you even believe in God? It is a harsh question, but an important one. Anyone who is going to sit there and tell the world that the Pope is ruining the Church, that it is up to low-level journalists to “save the Church” from the validly ordained and theologically trained, does not believe that Jesus is in charge. They treat the Church as a human institution, just like everything else.

I have no time for this nonsense. I have no time for despair, no time for hysterics and prophets of doom. Either you believe that God is in charge, or you don’t.

So which is it?

2 Comments on “The Church Has Let Me Down

  1. You know Father I respect your opinion but the way you present it
    is not so simple.
    It seems to me that your suggesting that if people question
    even in the slightest What is going on in the Church then they don’t
    Believe in God.
    I believe people have the right to know what is going on in the Church regarding sexual abuse by
    Alleged Priests, I believe people have a right to know about how the Church uses funds.
    I think from my perspective as a practicing Catholic it appears to me it is not a good idea to have Bishops investigate Bishops over allegations of cover ups regarding
    Priest abuse among the faithful
    Settling with people out of court
    is not Justice
    I think the whole McCarrack debacle is disgraceful and I believe there are others Like him who need to be removed from office
    This is all very painful to us Catholics and it is my opinion that Pope Francis is not very responsive to these issues. Specifically I believe he should be taking a very public and strong position on rooting it out

    I watch Princes of the Church see
    Politicians who profess to be Catholic enact laws making it easier to facilitate abortion and say nothing about it

    As a Prince of the Church I believe it is your job to public ally defend Church teachings and All I see is pretty much silence.

    In the end the Church for me is the good shepherds who lead in my Parish, it is trying to see Christ in everyone, it is the Sacraments and prayer, it is to decrease so Jesus May increase.
    It is not about climate change and the other myriads of liberal social justice causes that seem to be pushed to the forefront and traditional Church teachings cast aside or not focused on

    I often say what would Jesus say about all this
    I think we all need to focus more on Him
    There lies our pearl.


  2. Great article, Father! I am so tired of “friends” trying to pull us back to pre-Vatican II and cause schism.

    Love your videos! I always learn so much! God Bless you! And my family will be praying for you and this wonderful online ministry.

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