Did Jesus Claim to be God?

One of the most common things I hear from non-Christians is that “Jesus never claimed to be God.” While people like Peter and Paul professed his divinity and later councils defined what that meant, Jesus never speaks of himself as God. Taken with the fact that Jesus always defers to the Father, and, at times, even admonishes the disciples for giving him too much credit, it’s easy to see why some would question his identity.

That is, if all they ever knew of the Bible were a few random passages that supported their opinion.

The fact of the matter is that Jesus does claim to be God and does expect worship all throughout the Gospels. He may not say those words explicitly, but when you know where to look and if you do a little digging, there is more than enough evidence to show that he knew himself to be God.

One Comment on “Did Jesus Claim to be God?

  1. Fr. Casey,
    I thought your arguments here were not particularly convincing and you ignore a fundamental
    problem: would first century Palestinian Jews find the claim by a Jew being that he is God religiously acceptable claim consistent with Judaism. The answer to that is clearly no. Therefore if Jesus were making such a claim he would have had to much clearer because he was making a claim inconsistent with Judaism׳s basic beliefs.
    Your argument based on God’s name is similarly flawed. The verb form used in Exodus is not the present tense. (Biblical Hebrew does not have a present tense. The future tense of the verb to be is used ״אהיה״. Unless Jesus used in John the future tense as well, there is no reason to connect what he says in John to God’s name in Exodus.
    The problem I think lies in your not fully appreciating how foreign the claim of a man to be God would have sounded to
    Jewish ears. He therefore would have needed to be much less ambiguous if he were going to be understood by a Jewish audience.

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