Beauty: In the eye of the beholder?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Not exactly.

While there certainly exists differences in “taste” or “preference” from person to person, few people actually think that Beauty is an entirely relative concept. Certain things are just objectively more Beautiful than others. When comparing a landfill to the Alps, there is no contest: clearly, without controversy, the Alps have more Beauty.

And so, if you accept this, accepting that there are at least extreme limits and some quality by which we can objectively evaluate, then it makes me (and Tito, and philosophers) wonder: might there be a way to refine this a bit further to evaluate art on a level beyond the pure subjective? Might there be a sense in which Beauty is not simply dependent on what we say about it, but having some innate quality in itself?

Br. Tito and I take on this age-old question in our season finale of Everyday Liminality. We hope that you enjoyed the second season and will join us again in the fall when we start back!

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