Elder Care: A Friar Life

A few months ago, I posted a video entitled, “What Happens When We Get Old?” a reflection on having retirement houses for men who have served the Church their entire lives. I pointed out that, even though unable to engage in active ministry, these men were still friars and continued to live as the rest of the active friars do, praying, eating, and communing together as a fraternity. Regardless of their ability, they’re still brothers.

What I didn’t mention in that video, though,  is how this is all possible.

In this week’s “A Friar Life,” I present Br. Bob Frazetta, OFM, the guardian of that house, to show that not all of friar life is focused outwards. Sometimes, the ministry of a brother is to the brothers. Br. Bob spends his entire day making sure that this life is still possible for our elderly brothers, taking care of the bills, organizing recreation, leading prayer, and shuttling the brothers to where they need to go.

As you can imagine, it is not the most glamorous of positions; guys don’t exactly join the friars for this job. And yet, it is a critical part of our lives. Sometimes, we are called to do what is not glamorous, what is not popular, what will not make us “liked” by the outside world, but to simply serve our brothers who have served so many. As much as we think of the friars as out saving the world, it wouldn’t be possible without men like Br. Bob working internally.

And for that, we thank him.

One Comment on “Elder Care: A Friar Life

  1. Beautiful tribute to Bro Bob!!!!
    All of our communities are blessed to have these special religious Brothers and priests!
    Bro Sean, sds

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