Rising From the Dead

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In a previous episode, Br. Tito and I discussed the power of death as a form of tragedy in art and entertainment. This week, we’re taking a different approach: how death leads to rebirth and new life. While it is the central theme of our own faith as Christians, we are not alone in finding meaning in this story; this trope is all throughout the history of storytelling.

There’s just something about coming back from the dead, returning to finish the mission after we’ve been left behind, and dying to self to become a new person that inspires us all.

And even though these story tellers may not have Christ in mind, we, as Christians, can see Christ in these works and have our faith renewed. In works like The Dark Knight Rises, Harry Potter, and even The Truman Show (it’s related, trust me), Christ can be found for those willing to see.

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