Laughing Is Learning

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I love a good comedy. Especially after a long day dealing with stressful and burdensome situations, there’s no better way to unwind than to have a good laugh. Often exaggerating life situations, failing to accept consequences for actions, and presenting us a world far from our own, comedies offer enough reality that we don’t need to think too hard, but not enough that we have to invest a lot of emotional energy. What can you do but relax and enjoy the ride? In many cases, a good comedy serves as an escape from what’s going on around us.

And yet, comedy can actually serve quite the opposite purpose, if done well. As Br. Tito and I discuss in this week’s podcast, using humor in art can be an extremely effective way to teach, engage people on difficult topics, and breakdown barriers that separate us. With our defenses down and our spirits up, we sometimes find ourselves unwittingly dealing with topics that we would otherwise avoid… and even enjoying the process.

More than a farce, more than an escape, effective comedy can actually be quite impactful on our world.

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