Interstellar and the Existential Crisis

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After a little over a month off, Br. Tito and I are back at it! And boy… did we pick a heavy topic to start off.

Imagine being lost in space. Now imagine being lost in space, alone, for 21 years. Now imagine being lost in space, alone, for 21 years, knowing that you could technically “try” to fly back to earth, but you’re waiting for your fellow astronauts to return from their mission… but they’re ten years late and you have no idea if and when they’ll return.

Also, there is no earth to go back to, because earth has become uninhabitable and the whole point of the mission is to find a replacement planet meaning that you could be the last living thing in all of existence.

*Slumps into pit of loneliness and despair*

That is just one of the gut-wrenching, anxiety-inducing moments of the movie Interstellar. Imaginative and complex, this ambitious work of Christopher Nolan takes the viewer where they have probably never gone before—physically, through a worm hole and to a galaxy light years away—and emotionally, to an existential crisis right there within them. This movie has questions about the nature of existence, a philosophy of love, incredible special effects, high action, thoughtful drama, music by Hans Zimmer, and lots and lots of mathematical jargon.

Okay, that last one might not be for everyone.

This podcast is full of spoilers, so be warned, but frankly, what makes this movie amazing is not “what happens” but the experience along the way. Br. Tito and I could tell you everything about the movie—and we basically do in this podcast—and it wouldn’t take away the powerful effect the movie has on you. There’s just something about how this movie makes you feel and the questions that it evokes in you that makes it a stunning masterpiece.

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