Can a Christian Believe in Evolution?

Longtime followers of Breaking in the Habit will know that the relationship between science and religion is an important topic for me. While I have never considered myself a “scientist,” I have always had a great interest in the knowledge that it shares. If everything is created by God and God gave us the ability to reason, then studying the word empirically (with our senses) cannot contradict or undermine anything that we believe by faith, it can only make our faith stronger.

Unfortunately, scientific literacy is not very high among Christians. Time and again I hear faithful and well-meaning people share an understanding of a scientific concept that is completely incorrect, exhibit apprehension towards scientific inquiry, or outright reject it as a field worth studying. Even among some of our Church leaders, those with graduate degrees in Theology, given great authority over others, I am often disappointed in the misunderstandings of science that influence their decisions.

While Catholicism in Focus is a show focused on theology, its scope must at times include historical, literary, and yes, even scientific topics. Not being a science teacher myself (or particularly all that trained in the field!) I cannot speak intelligently on many issues or with great depth, but it is my hope to help raise the bar a bit with some basic overviews (and to provide links to scientific explanations far better than mine.)

In the past, I’ve talked about the common myth we all accept of Galileo as well as the Big Bang Theory, and today, I present a video on the topic of evolution.

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