LA, New York, and Chicago… in 24 hours??

There are few things that I’ve done in this world that I think are all that unique. While, yes, being a part of a religious order is rare in today’s world, it is a 1400 year tradition that has seen hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) join. Not all that special. I’ve been to college. Ho hum. Spent a summer in a foreign country to learn another language. Yup, so do thousands of others every year. And, sure, I wrote a book, which is cool. But when there are an estimated 130,000,000 books in the world… it’s not quite as unique.

This past weekend, I feel like I actually did something that very few people have ever done. And for good reason. It was kind of foolish and I don’t recommend it! That thing, you ask? Well, since it’s the title of the post you can probably already see, but I was in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago—in that order—in less than 24 hours. I mean, I’m sure people have gone from east to west or west to east, but how many people can honestly say that they have gone from Los Angeles, flying over Chicago to get to New York, and then 12 hours later turn around and go back to Chicago?

The better question, really, is WHY?

I hope you enjoy this week’s vlog! Look for a more reflective piece coming up next week as I get back on the road and settled into my routine on the road!

3 Comments on “LA, New York, and Chicago… in 24 hours??

  1. Now you must know how medieval torture felt like for heretics. Flying economy coast to coast and then to Chicago within 24-hours is ungodly even for a friar.

  2. Recently I was mildly surprised to read your comment that your habit is hot. Many years ago, I was involved with some Capuchin Franciscans in Detroit. I commented to my wife that the habit looked cool on a hot summer evening. I now realize I was wrong. I think you should have the option in the summer of wearing a more modern habit that is cooler, perhaps a brown T-shirt and brown slacks. Actually, you could wear all brown clothes year round that are more in keeping with the 21st century.

    • The habit he wears already is optional. He chooses to wear it.

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