I Ran Out of Books!

Well, the tour rolls on, and what a stop this last week was! Despite getting to see much of the country over the past 7 years with the friars, one of the places that I have always wanted to go—and had yet to visit—was the Pacific Northwest. Northern California. Oregon. Washington.

Well, not any longer.

Making my second stop of the Called Mission Tour, I spent the week in the Portland, OR area and loved every second of it. What an interesting place! From the beautiful natural areas to the eclectic downtime vibe, Portland was truly a place unlike anything I had ever experienced!

Oh, and I guess I was there to do some work, too… The mission has been going really well. As the title of this week’s video indicates, I misjudged the amount of books that people would buy and ran out just after the last mass. This was great news until I realized that the next parish (where I am as I currently write this post) has about five times the number of families but was ordered the same number of books! Oops! I rush-ordered another shipment that more than doubled the original… and I sit here on Monday morning realizing that it wasn’t enough: we ran out even before the last mass. Man… people are great. And I’m terrible at estimating.

Oh well! Moral of the story is that things are going well and I’m enjoying my travels. I’m currently in Huntington Beach, CA where I will be until Friday. I hope to have another video for you soon enough!

6 Comments on “I Ran Out of Books!

  1. Running out of books is always a good sign ! Keep up the good work and have fun too Best wishes on your journey-

  2. Hi

    How can I get a copy of The Book? I’m in London England



    • I’m from Australia and ordered mine on Amazon. I also got the audiobook version and it even better!

  3. Hi Friar Casey,

    You are traveling far and wide! My son and his wife live in Portland and love it! You continue to inspire all who follow you and your travels!
    May God continue to bless you! And show you His way🙏🏻
    Mary Kay
    St Francis of Assisi
    Triangle, Va

  4. It puzzles me Br Casey that you should be surprised at the demand for your book. It’s a wonderful book and has helped me (and continues to do so) in my personal journey of discernment. You should be immensely proud of that book.

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