The Journey Isn’t Easy

Sometimes, life is hard.

Yeah. That’s the sort of amazing insights that keep people coming back to Breaking in the Habit.

Throughout our life, we face challenges, difficulties, frustrations, setbacks, and feelings of immense stress. At the midpoint of my first semester back in school, those words have a particular familiarity to me right now.

But what’s interesting about the situations that these words describe is that nothing ever starts out that way. No, normally, we begin a new project or stage in our life with excitement and joy. A fresh start. A new opportunity. We begin with idealism for what might come, for all that we can accomplish.

And maybe that’s what makes our frustrations that much more frustrating: we expected something very different than we got. Our idealism has been replaced with a disappointing reality.

That was the topic of my reflection this week, something that I found in the readings at Wednesday’s daily mass. For email subscribers, click here to watch the video.

2 Comments on “The Journey Isn’t Easy

  1. Another excellent video…timely and relevant …stay strong and good luck. Thank you for your efforts It is appreciated and does make a difference

  2. “Throughout our life, we face challenges, difficulties, frustrations, setbacks, and feelings of immense stress.” You sure got that right Brother Casey. ‘You get it’, as the expression goes.
    Today the presider gave a great sermon. Father Jim said the Pharisees just didn’t get it. They tried to plot against Jesus and trap Him in His preaching. Father talked about how he lost his Mom to dementia 2 years ago to dementia (ironically I lost my Mom to dimentia, exactly 2 yrs. ago). He said his Mom offered her mental suffering to God. It was her offering or Way of the Cross. She got it . I didn’t understand why my mother had to suffer for 4 years with dimentia before she died. I was mad at God. It was a tough journey. Now …I get it.

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