An Experience Like No Other

For those of you who followed me this summer here on the blog or over on my Facebook page, it should not come at any surprise that my time in Mexico will have a lasting effect on me. How could it not? While I certainly wish I could have spent less time learning Spanish and more time using it with the migrants at La72, I can still say that I left having met some extraordinary people, heard some moving stories, and with a changed perspective that will no doubt effect my life as a Franciscan. Naturally, I couldn’t share everything in one video, but here’s a brief glimpse of what the trip meant to me and how this next year will be unlike any other as a friar.

3 Comments on “An Experience Like No Other

  1. Back in North Carolina – wonderful! Hope your internship year is as fruitful as your summer; God is always “growing us” if we’re open to it, right? Hope to catch up with you to say hello sometime when I’m down from Lancaster to visit my daughter who has newly moved to Southern Pines. We all enjoy your blog and videos and look forward to more. Blessings!

  2. I have had conversation with so-called friar casey before.
    he is a false teacher and a liar.
    You need to repent of your adherence to the catholic so-called church and as well as your false doctrine & get saved

  3. Welcome home, Brother Casey!

    Thanks for your ministries and the lived witness of your life.

    God’s blessings on you, and may He continue to grace you in perfecting your ongoing conversion in this life.


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