Don’t Give Up Anything For Lent

Each year, Catholics give something up for lent. For forty days, we struggle through our penance, going without something we really love. Everyone does it. It’s just a part of our faith as Catholics. But why? What is the reason for this devotion? In this latest video, I look at this popular Catholic practice against the backdrop of the early Church and suggest that our focus during lent be on something a little different this year.

This video is also the first segment in a new series entitled, “Catholicism In Focus.” Throughout the series, I’ll take a deeper look at the things we say and do in our faith all the time, but maybe don’t think much about. Things like, Why the Church loves science, and always has; why we now profess that there actually may be salvation outside of the Church; and why Catholics weddings are so different from Protestant ones.

One Comment on “Don’t Give Up Anything For Lent

  1. This was GREAT, Casey. A succinct and complete way to introduce…or remind of…the beauty of Lent.

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