Spring Break Ain’t What It Used to Be

This past week, the students at two of the schools where I serve had spring break. In the past, this was a time of fun and relaxation. Now I’m an adult. And so this past week I was in Atlanta, Austin, and College Station (TX) for talks and events. Was it fun? Yes, I guess it was, but it wasn’t relaxing at all!

This is also not fun…

As Christians, we stand for the inalienable human dignity of all people. Which means we must stand up and raise our voices when parts of our society try to take this away. In this video, I want to talk about an absolutely sickening feature of our world: prisons in the United States.

When Will This End?

If you’re like me, you wonder about the end times. When will it be time for the “end”? Scripture tells us that we known neither the day nor the hour, but we can know how it will happen. Sort of.

Fun, But Not as Good as the First One

Over the past two weeks, Fr. Tito and I have looked at sequels that were good, just not as good as the original. This starts with Men in Black 2:

And finishes with Toy Story 2:

“Baptizing” Some Kids.

There was no dunking, but definitely a baptism by fire on the court a few weeks ago. Take a look at these fun pics!

From the Archives

While there are official pronouncements of dogma in the Church that cannot be debated, much of theology is multi-faceted. We are blessed with multiple ways of looking at almost everything. For this reason, it’s best to talk about the Church’s theologies, and to ask what methods we are using ourselves. In this video, I suggest that there are three modes of thinking about any topic in the Church.

Can you Believe Lent is Almost Over?

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday! Wow! I hope everyone has a good time preparing for the feasts!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

4 Comments on “Spring Break Ain’t What It Used to Be

  1. Very informative about the horrors of our prison system. It really connected the dots about the dehumanization of prisoners.

  2. . . . a very insightful look at what our prison systems (U.S.A. and Canada) are all about, especially from a Christian perspective . . . here in Northwest Alberta, Canada, we are making efforts to rethink and reform our prison system, especially for the young, and especially for the Indigenous community that happens to make up a hugely disproportionate prison population compared to their community numbers . . . “moderators” are being used increasingly, and seemingly effectively in most cases . . . an offender is offered the choice of prison time, or meeting with a “moderator” and those folks they have wronged to try to work out a compromise restitution agreement acceptable to all . . . if such an agreement can be reached, the offender is released conditional to their fulfilling the restitution agreement . . . pretty simple . . . the traditional Indigenous way of dealing with community offenders . . . a way of moving on in tact and engaged productively with the community . . . I know that it sounds crazy at first, but it sure seems to work, especially for young first offenders . . . just sharing . . .

    • Thank you for sharing. What you describe sounds greatly restorative, both personally and culturally. I hope such a practice gets spread far and wide.

  3. Re: Prisons in the U.S. – What a clear call for repentance on how one treats the convicted. Also, it’s great that peterbpatrick shared a solution to the problem.

    Re: Rapture – Ach! In the Protestant church I attended in the early 1980’s, we spent much time debating whether it was going to be a pre-, mid-, or post-millennial rapture. (Insert emoji of blushing with embarrassment). Thanks for sharing about amillennial rapture. It seems the most coherent perspective. But whatever our Lord has in mind, I want to be totally okay with it.

    Re: What type of theologian are you – Thanks for sharing the A, B, and C models. I’ll aim to use all three in the future. I accept that we all “see through a glass darkly” at the moment (I Cor. 13:12) and knowing these models will help me muddle through the murk ’til I get Home.

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