No Much to Share Last Week!

Sorry for the lack of newsletter last week, but one of my videos was blocked, I had a busy day, and I knew there would be less to share this week. Good news? The original video was released! But first, Christ the King.

When you look to the rulers of the world, there is often a temptation to serve certain people more than others. No president is the president for all. New CEOs replace the VPs with their people. Coaches replace their staff when they’re hired. While it doesn’t have to be malicious in intent, it’s hard to find a leader who gives equal attention and opportunity to all people.

Jesus, naturally, is the exception. As King of the Universe, he is the creator and savior of everything and everyone. In 2 Samuel, we see his forerunner David elected because he united the twelve tribes of Israel, recognized as their “flesh and bone.” In Colossians we are reminded that Jesus is the firstborn of all creation, the reason for everything in existence, thus caring for everything in existence. And in the Gospel, we see that he has come to save not only the good and the just, but even those who mock him.

Our challenge is to be a king like Jesus. We are called to love all, not just the good ones. We must rule with patience and humility, laying down our lives even for the ones that don’t accept us.

Church Hopping with King of the Hill

What do you do when you no longer feel at home in your church? Here is not the right answer.

Our Anger is Killing Us

I’m so tired of the way we do politics in the United States. I’m exhausted with our anger. While righteous anger has its place, I’m not sure what we’re doing is helping anyone.

Learning to be a kid again


Is A Quiet Place A Catholic Movie?

Seeing overt and stereotypical Catholic imagery in a horror film is not only common, it’s a bit cliche. Seeing subtle and wholesome Catholic imagery in a horror movie is an aberration. A Quiet Place has no exorcisms, no crosses warding off demons, and no latin, but it does have a family named the Abbots that prayers and works together in silence as a shield against the evils of the world. Could it really be a pro-monastic life movie?

A Quiet Place

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving this week!

Fr. Casey

3 Comments on “No Much to Share Last Week!

  1. Re: Our Anger is Killing Us
    Good call, Padre! “For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.” (James 1:20) Ach, there’s so much more to the passage and its context, I can’t properly unpack it here. Nevertheless, I think you’re on the right track in getting this message out. I’ll continue praying for you and your associates in your work. Peace and Good to y’all.

  2. About church hopping: When I became a Christian, I did some shopping and hopping, but I wasn’t satisfied until the Lord Himself showed me where to go. At His commend I was baptized and firmed into the Roman Catholic Church. And I have no regrets!Sure, I don’t always agree but where else is God present? I certainly don’t want to leave! How can I leave God’s presence unless I want to go to hell? I don’t want to go to hell! God Himself taught me, as he did my favorite saint: Saint Francis of Assisi. And God is always right!

  3. In regards to “hopping” from one Roman Catholic church one Sunday to another one the next week, etc., it made me think of something Jesus said to his disciples. He told them that when they enter a new city, stay in the first place that receives you, and remain there until you leave that city. To me, that’s how you should treat your chosen church. Don’t go to different churches each week, but grow as a church family as you come together every week!

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