Let’s Get in Touch!

Let’s be honest: our world was disconnected before COVID. It’s time we connected again with each other and our inner selves!

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Cool

In 47 days, Fr. Tito and I will embark on the greatest quest known to man: a nationwide tour to attend a game in every MLB stadium. Our goal is to meet people where they are to invite them back to life of faith. You could say that we’re on a mission from God. Naturally, we decided to call ourselves the Bleacher Brothers.

I know, I know, that’s the coolest image you’ve ever seen and you’re uncontrollably jealous right now. Well, let go of that jealousy because that image is for you. Yesterday I ordered 10,000 stickers and we plan to give them out all summer. But because you’re subscribed to this newsletter, I’ve decided to give you a head start. If you click here and fill out this form, I’ll send you a sticker in the next couple of weeks.

But wait, there’s MORE!

Stickers are cool, but t-shirts are COOLER. Because we really want to get the word out about our tour, we’ve designed these t-shirts for your purchase. You can find them here, and they’re arrive in early May. The cost is $13.22, plus shipping, coming to a total of $20. We’re sorry we couldn’t subsidize the cost, but they’re being given to you at cost. (Technically Fr. Tito and I lowered the price by agreeing to order 500 of them, so we’re on the hook for that many regardless of how many sell.)

Getting in Touch with Your Brokenness

And back to reality. Talk about a transition. As excited as we may be for our trip, there is a lot of work to do before hand. Sort of like the relationship between Easter and Lent. The joy of Easter means nothing without the conversion of Lent. For that reason, it’s important that we look to ourselves, in our brokenness, to know what Jesus needs to heal in the first place.

Getting in Touch with Your Cringe!

If that’s a little too heavy for you right now, how about this uncomfortable mess?! This week on Upon Friar Review, Fr. Patrick and I discuss the cringiest things that Christians have posted online. Be warned: it’s tough to watch!

Getting in Touch with Your… Trauma?

You’ve no doubt seen movies with ambiguous endings. You’ve probably seen movies where the main character’s sanity is in question. But what about a movie where the main character claims to be an alien… and he’s pretty convincing? Let us introduce you to K-PAX, the mostly overlooked gem of a movie that, if nothing else, will leave you thinking, “I’ve never seen a movie quite like that.” To be honest, it’s not the greatest and there are definitely some problems with it, but we think it’s worth a watch.

Getting in Touch with Jesus

I know that most of you are not local, but for anyone in the Middle Georgia area, I will be giving a parish mission this week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Macon, GA. The topic is the Beatitudes. We hope that you’re join us at 7pm each night, and then for a penance service on Thursday.

Almost There!

Easter is almost here. I hope everyone has a good final few weeks of Lent!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

9 Comments on “Let’s Get in Touch!

  1. I am a prodigal son, and had that prodigal son moment. After that, my life was changed forever! By the way, the link for the t-shirts didn’t work when I clicked on it. Thanks Casey! Take care.

  2. Hello Father Casey. It appears the link to order the t-shirts isn’t active. Thank you!
    Hope you and Father Tito have a very fruitful trip this summer to the major league parks. Go Braves!!

  3. Farther Casey, I think it is great, That you will be visiting our Pittsburgh Pirates me and my Eucharistic Minister are looking to meet you with your visit. I will try to order the ‘T’shirt.

  4. Thank you Father Casey. I just won a free book and now a sticker! I have to pinch myself and see if I’m still on planet earth. Love your ministry….hope to see you in Phoenix.

  5. Sorry, not a baseball fan. Grace and blessing on your Summer venture! Waiting for your inspiring and teaching solo videos. (Have plenty to watch to tie me over) They are like a good book, always happy to re-read them.

  6. Hello Father Casey,

    I live in Lexington, Kentucky which is fairly close to Cincinnati. I am unable to make it to a Reds game because I have four small children. If you would like to have a nice, home cooked meal you and Father Tito are welcome to our home. It’s noisy and chaotic, but I figure the Church is as well. lol Just let me know if you’d like to come. I will be praying for your trip.

    God bless, Jonathon Holland

    On Sat, Apr 2, 2022, 10:01 AM Breaking In The Habit wrote:

    > CaseyOFM posted: ” Let’s be honest: our world was disconnected before > COVID. It’s time we connected again with each other and our inner selves! > Getting in Touch with Your Inner Cool In 47 days, Fr. Tito and I will > embark on the greatest quest known to man: a nationwi” >

  7. I wish you well for your amazing trip but greatest quest known to man? I shall let St Francis have a little word with you about that. I could not possibly comment. 🙂

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