The Word On Fire Bible

It’s been quite an up and down month for me here at Breaking in the Habit, but I’m refreshed and gearing up for a good semester! Look for a full slate of content very soon! For now, just a few odds and ends.

“A Cathedral in Print”

Bishop Robert Barron is on a mission to evangelize through beauty. It’s evident in the videos he produces and in the Bible he published. Volume 1 was a huge hit and now he is ready to release volume 2. Fr. Patrick and I got a sneak peak of its artfulness prior to its release and we want to send you a copy! You can enter to win here.

Reclaiming Catholicism on Hold

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video of any sort, but even longer for the Reclaiming Catholicism series. At this point, Patheos is going through new management and rearranging its internal structure and so all of their video series have been put on hold. I have a list of topics I’d like to explore once we’re back, so hopefully that will be soon!

TikTok is Taking Off

This week I posted two videos that have started to get some traction. Believe it or not, this is a great platform for reaching a lot of people!


Many people have this idea that the Catholic Church is immensely rich and doesn’t do enough charity. It’s kind of ridiculous. #catholic #charity #vatican #priest #breakinginthehabit

♬ original sound – caseyofm

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what I’m going to wear in the morning…#priest #friar #franciscan #catholic #breakinginthehabit

♬ original sound – caseyofm

Solitude and Nature

Last week I spend five days in the mountains of South Carolina on retreat. It was just me, a cabin, and a lot of trees! What an incredible time! You can see my pictures over on Instagram, but here’s a taste of what I saw.

More on the horizon!

Next week I’ll be traveling with a group of high schoolers on a mission trip, but after that, it’s back to full content! I might even have a video finished before I leave!

Peace and good everyone,

Fr. Casey

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  1. Where is South Carolina were you? I live in Columbia for the past 56 years. I’m glad you are fond of our state!

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